Conduits still not working properly

Some how I am still showing that I have Necrolord soul binds but have swapped over to Venthyr. I am unable to do the intro soulbind quest for Venthyr now and am stuck. Whenever I use the forge of souls it shows my old covenant instead of the new one.

Ty for the hotfix…all characters are ok at this time!

Thank you for fixing this. I haven’t had a chance to go test out how well it worked, but I really appreciate yall taking care of this. Out of curiousity, given the weeklong locket of conduits on Beta and that this broken for quite a few weeks before being fixed, is there any chance we can get the lockout released so we can test out different conduit combinations more easily? There isn’t a lot of time left and the week long lockout hinders our ability to play and test things out.

I think another hotfix is being put out as of time of posting to fix the too-many-conduits-active-at-once bug