Conduits still not working properly

Nadjia the Mistblade’s tree isn’t working at all, not granting any passives and no conduits in the tree are working. Every Soulbind I have is doing the same thing as OP but Nadjia is extra broken.

Before this build we could change paths around and it would re-activate the broken links but nothing seems to fix it now.

It’s all good folks, they have plenty of time in the next… //checks calendar//… 7’ish weeks …//shudders//… to fix this and everything else.


Yeah the old work around doesn’t even work anymore so its even more annoying. I dont want to keep creating characters just so I can test my conduits for like an hour. This is stupid and frustrating.

still not working as of 9.0.2 by the way

Same issue as the other posters.

Same issue and all my guildies have the same issue. Soulbinds and conduits have basically never worked properly for more than 2 hours

I too have this issue.

I’m having this exact issue as well. I believe the conduit specific powers are working, the “random effect ones.” However, none of the class-specific conduit abilities are working. They are all grayed out. It also doesn’t show an active path that I’ve chosen. I tried resetting the tree, clicking each individual node, etc. Nothing worked. Didn’t even realize until I looked at my Ice Block and saw that it was a 4 minute cooldown, instead of 3.5 like it should be with a conduit I have applied.

Having the same issue. When I first set the conduits and the path, I got all the bonuses, (using Nadja the Mistblade, Venthyr Soulbind) and now I get none of the conduit bonuses themselves, only Nadja’s initial passive bonus.

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Voicing the same problem. Glad it’s not just me. I had tried testing and streaming for my guild to show how conduits work, and it’s impossible currently. Needs fixed so we can properly test.

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Throwing my concern in here as well. Resetting the conduits doesn’t seem to reset everything. Either the system is broken or the UI is. This is with respect to my characters on Torghast. I’ll see if the same issue exists on Oribos later.

Edit: not working on my Oribos 60 either.

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Same issue, conduits and paths are broken. Resetting weekly doesn’t reset paths so it remains broken week after week.

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A few minutes ago, we applied a hotfix to the Shadowlands Beta that should prevent testers from getting into this broken state.

It should also reset the soulbind tree for test characters that were in the broken state.

Thank you for the bug reports!


how about a hotfix for [Ritual of Purification] the night fae quest line, so that the npc is there and doesn’t just randomly die and never respawn ?

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Thanks for the update however Kyrians can’t move past their 1st soulbind option as Pelagos disappears in the middle of the quest. Can’t complete.


On my toons where I already have Pelagos, I can now actually fill out my soulbind / conduits again. So that part is fixed. However, Pelagos still de-spawns at the exact same point on toons where I’m trying to get him as a soulbind for the first time.


Some how I am still showing that I have Necrolord soul binds but have swapped over to Venthyr. I am unable to do the intro soulbind quest for Venthyr now and am stuck. Whenever I use the forge of souls it shows my old covenant instead of the new one.

Ty for the hotfix…all characters are ok at this time!

Thank you for fixing this. I haven’t had a chance to go test out how well it worked, but I really appreciate yall taking care of this. Out of curiousity, given the weeklong locket of conduits on Beta and that this broken for quite a few weeks before being fixed, is there any chance we can get the lockout released so we can test out different conduit combinations more easily? There isn’t a lot of time left and the week long lockout hinders our ability to play and test things out.

I think another hotfix is being put out as of time of posting to fix the too-many-conduits-active-at-once bug