Conduit Energy Hotfixed

Exactly. No matter what they do these same people that have been howling at petty things will continue to do so.

Really enjoying this change already, thank you!

Because your opinion was invalid and didn’t reflect the majority of others. The OP being at 0 energy and claiming “amg I can play the game now” is a combo or either being ridiculously overdramatic, not playing the game efficiently, or trying to play all 4 druid specs at once. Even playing in a guild clearing mythic Sanctum you shouldn’t be at 0 energy and if you are the system is doing its job just showing how insane you’re being.

Bro what? That legit hurt my brain trying to read, and understand anything you typed.
You ok bro?

I still can’t imagine up all your energy in a week. Why would anyone min/max that much? The most I’ve used is maybe 3 in a week.

How about just removing conduit energy altogether now? Better yet, why was it introduced in the first place?

There is no sensible reason to create arbitrary inhibitors on gameplay.

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As frost mage there completely different conduits to use for AOE and ST builds, and pushing high level dungeons I prefer to be in the build that’s best for the dungeon.

And then regardless I end up changing back into raid conduits typically for raids, which run Malice, and you would rarely run Malice in a dungeon.

So yeah. Not being overdramatic. Frost is severely limited by conduit energy.

Edit: The class parity this expansion is immense. Some people need 3 different legendaries when doing different types of content, or even 2 or 3 different legendaries in raid depending on the situation. I just need one legendary. The conduits are much more important given the situation.

Edit: Finally start playing the game was just a reference to South Park. I’ve been playing the game loads.

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Awesome change!

Can we change conduits with tomes with this new change??

They already admitted they were wrong on this.