Conduit Energy Hotfixed

I just noticed my energy (Which was at 0 this morning), is now capped (all 10 crystals).

They must have just hot-fixed this, can anyone confirm?

I am so excited that I can finally start playing the game. Thank you!

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do u get new RENONE ? it reset on u if u get new renone .


Not today I didn’t!

is goodjob if it fix , but i say on u if there gonna get rid , there probly gonna get rid of gem on botom not gonna put at 10 , gonna put as not their

Mine was reset today too. I purposely used half the energy to see if it resets again tomorrow.

Maybe they have it temporarily fully resetting daily? I will update tomorrow if it resets again.

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It’s confirmed that a hotfix was deployed that made Conduit energy refill at the rate of 10 per day. It was previously 1 per day.

It looks like the hotfix needed realm restarts to take effect, so now that all realms in this region have been restarted with maintenance, everyone should be seeing the results.

Please note that the tooltip has not been updated. Nonetheless, all Conduit energy should refill each day with the daily reset.


Thank you! My misery is abated until 9.1.5.


This effectively removes Conduit energy as a system. Pretty much nobody will engage with it now.

So why did it take practically a year for this bandaid solution which could be hotfixed in when the community’s opinion on Conduit energy has been clearly expressed since beta?


So, I mean gonna be devils advocate here.

If it refills at 10 a day, you arguably can’t switch conduits as much as you want, and the conduit energy is not gone…you just gave us a bigger ration of it…

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It’s going away completely in 9.1.5, this is probably just the best they could do with a hotfix before the patch hits.


Blizzard: “We made this thing better as a stopgap measure”

Irrational people: “NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”


How hard would it have been to put an interval of like…an hour…instead of a day?

We already don’t have a problem with their being an overflow where the energy isn’t counted if you are full, so even an interval of an hour is much more effective than a day.

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Dunno, I’m not a programmer. Apparently pretty hard, or they probably would have just done that.

It’s not hard. Even if they put their time rate per day instead of per hour, you make it a fraction of that.

My point being, this may be a stop gap fix for a problem they created, but even then…its a bad one because they are still fundamentally limiting people still. It looks just like another irrational control measure until they finally give people what they have wanted (it gone)

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Disagree, if something is coded by default to trigger on reset, who knows what under the hood spaghetti code is there? While it might look like a simple fix, a lot of little things can take a long time to properly fix without causing unforeseen bugs or other breakages that take yet more effort to repair.

Without looking under the hood, it’s really hard to say how easy it is to change, and WoW’s engine is famously hard to work with (it’s the same from WC3 with a lot of stuff bolted on. Absolutely bonkers amount of spaghetti code).

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This, and many other questions, will be answered in the next episode of… “The Expansions of our Lives”…

From almost Day 1 people have said it was bad for obvious reasons: if it mattered to a player it was a ridiculous shackle to choice, and if it didn’t matter (which it didnt ot many) then why even do it in the first place?

The whole dev team needs to be shaken up and reset until they get that just doing something because they can isnt reason enough to do it.

Because they’re stubborn and don’t like to admit when they’re wrong, only when people start playing other games and or the stuff that happened recently do they finally take the hint

They could of just waited til patch be happy for once in your life.


It’s sad seeing how many people are being ungrateful about this change in this thread, this is a good thing they already announced they are removing conduit energy all together in 9.1.5 normally they wouldn’t have given us anything in the mean time and just made us wait till the patch to get anything.

The fact they pushed this to give us something to mitigate the issue live in the meantime is rather thoughtful of them.


It wouldn’t be WoW if people didn’t find ways to make mountains out of molehills.