Computer freezes during login

Ever since the latest change to the Battlenet desktop app several days ago, every time I launch, when the when the login popup comes up, it processes for a few seconds, then freezes, and causes the whole system to freeze. I don’t know what to do. :frowning:

Hi Wulfgarv

To be clear does this occur when the Battlenet app attempts to open or after you hit Play on the Battlenet app?

When the app attempts to open.

Not sure what you might have tried. If you haven’t let’s reinstall the Battlenet.

*open Step 5 of those instructions and remove the Battlenet Tools folder - don’t skip that step.

Okay, I did this. When I tried to reinstall, and it tried to update, it froze again. I eventually figured out that MalwareBytes was preventing the updates and logins, so I created an exception. I’ve got it working now. Thanks!