Companion App fails to grant bonus award at 100% bonus

Just updated the WOW Companion App for the Shadowlands prepatch, and one of the follower missions failed to grant bonus rewards at 200% and 100% Bonus. This happened more than once on different missions. I stopped using the App until I figure out if this is a bug or something I need to do on my side.
My phone is an Essential Phone PH-1 running Android 10.

Anyone else seen this? Thanks

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Failed to give the reward itself or is showing 100% on the Bonus Reward and upon completion shows the “✓” on the Reward but “✗” on the Bonus? I ask just to clarify that it’s a bug for the Mission Table System and not just a graphical bug with the Companion App itself.

I’ve yet to logon since completing my last batch of Missions from my Companion App, though I know it showed the “✓” on both the Reward & Bonus, which was 100% and 95% respectively for Pet Tokens on both.

I can login shortly and Double check to verify I received both and edit this post with the results.


I can confirm that there is a bug here, however, it’s a display-only bug. The bonus rewards are being rewarded as expected.

We intend to fix this in a future version of the app.

Thank you!


Thank you for letting us know!

Hi Bearanna! It showed an “x” on the Bonus. Looks like it may be cosmetic though.