Comp Stomp

None of the things you mentioned take any skill to get. The only hard achievement in Arathi Basin is the one where you have to personally recap a flag 50 times, and progress toward that one does not count in either of the AB brawls.

You can just AFK at Stables/Farm all game and not attack a single person, and you will get rep and honor even if your team gets crushed.

If the Comp Stomp gave RBG rating, tokens for the R3 Conflict and Strife, or some other thing that normally requires some level of skill, I would agree with you. But it does not.

Please show me where I said anything about skill…?

This isn’t about skill. This is about PvP rewards being given for not engaging in that activity. That would be like me suggesting that I get rep for Uldum Accord for fishing in Stormwind, or getting mythic N’zoth achievements and mounts for doing pet battles.

Just like PvPers have to PvE for gear, PvErs should have to do PvP for the associated rewards.


Classic pveers… Care to make vc as easy and fast? It honestly doesn’t take that long with regular bgs.

Secondly you clearly haven’t been pvping lately. Corruptions are an unbalanced mess. Why are you honestly surprised that they can’t make the ai and difficulty work properly with corruptions?

How about they get rid of crapy hidden scaling and horrendously unbalanced corruptions in PvP. Who cares about comp stomp.


What does what i said have to do with pvp, i want the essence for pve cause blizzard is retarded making more stuff thats BiS be required to do pvp to get.

Lol dude… Because we’ve been forced to do 10X the pve than your measly level of PvP. I agree that I don’t think your stuff should be locked behind ours but ours has been behind yours all expansion long.

How about instead of asking for comp stomp, you go to GD forum, and ask blizzard to get off their high horse and split the content. Let people play whatever they like and stop locking power behind stuff that makes them want to unsub.


Lot of good that will do, been asking for that since well BC. They keep making pve content having to do with pvp which is bs as you know, and yet they nerf pve based on pvp. I dont want to do pvp ever and i shouldnt have to to get a BiS essence.

Trust me it works in reverse and it’s just as annoying.

Agreed. And the same should be said for PVP. Good riddance to a bad brawl and hopefully blizzard stops making you do stuff you don’t want to.

BRING IT BACK!! : I have played it many times today with no bugs experienced! Was the FUN METER going off? :thinking:


Do you realize what the current state of this game has on PVP gearing efficacy?

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You can make gold from pet battling and buy a carry for mythic N’Zoth.

And there are many reps in the game where you can just buy items off the Auction House or just run a completely irrelevant dungeon with their tabard on to complete them in under an hour.

People AFKing or getting hard carried (queuing on boosted alts that get two shot) in Battlegrounds is still not PVPing as far as I am concerned, yet they are entitled to the same rewards as everyone else.

haha. the name ‘carin’. besides that. what are the bugs in comp stomp? big wompa chompa gonna get stompin’ on ya daisies? wait a f’n minute… is SKYNET rising now? are we at least coming back as ghosts in shadowlands?

This is a dumb argument. By that logic you can do pet battles and pay a premade to get you the achievements or wins you need. :roll_eyes:

Your perception is warped. If people are in a battleground where there is risk of dying from other players - REAL LIFE PEOPLE - that is PvP. Whether they are undergeared or not, whether they are defending stables and no other players assault that base, that is still PvP.

Fighting against NPCs is not and never will be PvP. That brawl is a glorified dungeon, with PvP rewards. That should not be the case.


that’s a generously low number.

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Do you die IRL if your character dies ingame? What is the risk of spawning at another location on the map and continuing to afk for honor?

It’s like the only bg/brawl where people don’t really care if you’re undergeared.

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My favorite is to type in chat “Focus the Druid, I saw it last game”.
Then receive whispers “You realize these are not real players?” :rofl:

Remove the rep, return the Tabard to its glory.


was looking forward to grinding alot of honor this week and now thats gone, thanks blizzard the change no one asked for.

Now you can PvP for that honor.


honor level 430 i think i’ve done enough pvp just want the grind to be over

Comp Stomp is one week, and runs only 2-3 times a year. Is it really that terrible, even as limited as it is? I believe others in this thread made valid points as to why it serves its purpose as a PvP brawl, without being PvP, so to speak.