Comp Stomp Renown Catchup

Last time comp stomp was up, you could spam them for easy honor and renown catchup for alts. Anyone want to take a bet that renown catchup will be FUN DETECTED and removed?


Did some testing on this toon who swap to necrolord last night and started at 40. Here is the data i got from 20 games of comp stomp. What’s interesting is that overall, i got a renown increase 50% of the time. It’s possible that i was just lucky or maybe the %chance decreases as you get higher renown. Either way i’ll do more testing tomorrow. I’ll update the table as i get more data.

Game # Renown After game Renown Gain Game # Renown After game Renown Gain Net gain
Inital 40 - 21 50 0 18
1 41 1 22 50 0
2 42 1 23 51 1 Renown Rate
3 42 0 24 51 0 45.00%
4 42 0 25 52 1
5 43 1 26 52 0
6 43 0 27 53 1
7 44 1 28 54 1
8 45 1 29 54 0
9 46 1 30 54 0
10 47 1 31 54 0
11 48 1 32 55 1
12 48 0 33 56 1
13 48 0 34 56 0
14 49 1 35 56 0
15 49 0 36 56 0
16 49 0 37 57 1
17 49 0 38 57 0
18 50 1 39 57 0
19 50 0 40 58 1
20 50 0
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I was wondering the same, comp stomp isn’t fun but it sure was nice getting my renown mostly caught up and not having to do the stupid campaign quests

Any indication it’s being removed?

Blizz has a track record of removing unintended forms of gameplay, even if the entire community likes the way it is. Being able to grind out renown in a single day is great but the devs probably don’t think it’s good for the game. They have to keep your sub somehow :b .

probably not. they would have taken it down the same week they noticed it. they did it when you could get that one currency from BFA. it should still be there

So was it removed?

What, no way. I hope not! Comp Stomp is free renown city.

I just ran one on my shaman and went from 30 to 31 so it’s still in. I’m going to see if the honor gains are similar.

Alright went from 31 to 32 on my second and got 320 honor so still a good way to grind gear and renown.

I’m surprised blizzard didn’t touch this tbh.

Delete thread delete thread. Say again delete thread. (Before they notice)

abusing a broken system isn’t fun detected

Swapping to a new covenant and being able to max renown in a day is pretty fun ngl.

No, the chance for Renown with a win is not being removed from Comp Stomp.

It’s a chance on all Battleground wins, and Comp Stomp is a Battleground. So it’s staying.



Ohhh a blue ohhhhh



Unrelated to the topic of this thread, but please relay to whomever you’re able to, that the gearing situation for PVP is currently busted. The honor catch up in 9.1.5 isn’t good enough. The gear gap is so severe and it takes so long to get enough honor to get honor gear that it feels like you have to do arenas just in order to queue into a random BG, which feels backwards. Thank you.

Good job, now they won’t come back for a couple of years again.


What? You can get a full set of now 213 honor gear in like 2hours

Hyperbole. No, you cannot get a full set of fully upgraded honor gear in 2 hours, and not without losing over and over to people who have conquest gear. Again, there’s no ‘starting point’ for PVP gearing. Korthia gear is wet tissue paper in PVP. I know because I’ve used it. People with not even 1600 rated gear will take your lunch money in a handful of globals while you tickle them. I’ve been on both ends of this equation. The gear imbalance is so bad that I can just demolish someone who has less than 40k health, and anyone with 48k health or above demolishes me. It’s not a fun system.


I’ve honor geared very quickly with comp stomp.

Comp stomp is a bandaid solution because it only comes around every now and then. Good luck if you want to gear an alt on the 9th onwards I guess.


I said 213, not fully upgrading. Fully upgrading honor sets is just a waste of time for even the most casual of casual 1h a week players.