Community is at odds with Blizzard over healers

On one hand this community wants healers to be godlike in terms of skill and reaction time and wants us to DPS and heal at the same time

On the other hand Blizzard hates us doing damage as shown by them actually INCREASING mana costs on damage spells over the last few patches and nerfing the damage.

Maybe you two can come to some sort of agreement then on what healer’s role is actually supposed to be? It’s obviously a clash of ideology between what people expect from healers and what Blizzard expects. So which is it, because people who play healers are caught in the middle.

It’s no wonder healers are most in demand right now. Why would anyone in their right mind want to heal knowing all this?


You have trouble walking and chewing bubblegum at the same time, huh?

Pretty sure that’s tanks lol.


On one hand, we have healers that are lazy or ill-informed and can’t be bothered to fill their empty globals during non-threatening downtime with a little dps…

…On the other hand, the game is designed for healers to do just that and it will be fully expected of you in any meaningful content.


I only heal lfr if im in the mood, outside of that it’s not my problem. Besides certain mechs can do alot of damage, so i tend to keep heals up as much as i can.

Aint no way im taking my alt tanks into group content lol mechanics have gotten worse.

There is a healer designed to do damage, but I guess everyone forgot about discipline?


healers are supposed to heal - the game shouldn’t be balanced around healers doing dps and probably isn’t.

However, if you are doing content that has you standing around doing nothing 50% or more of the time it wouldn’t hurt for you to do a little DPS.


It’s not that hard, you press a button, you cast a spell and it does damage. When someone’s health gets below 50% maybe start casting a heal.

I feel like the ones complaining about having to dps while healing are the type of healers who must keep their party at 100% all the time.


Dungeons should not be balanced around healers DPSing.

If people want to damage, okay. If they don’t. Okay.

If I’m constantly at 30% health and am panic healing myself or blowing my cooldowns to stay alive when I shouldn’t be while tanking, or if I’m outhealing the healer as a tank, the healer is getting votekicked or for m+ I’m leaving and kachowing the key.


Is that not what the cooldowns are for?

This one, yeah. No healer should be getting out healed


It’s not uncommon for tanks to have the most overall healing these days. I out heal good healers as a Brewmaster all the time. Blizz significantly devalued healers this season.


I have never given, nor have i ever heard of anyone giving importance to healer DPS in any run up to 15’s. Beyond that is a different thing.

If a healer does dps, it’s a bonus, not a requirement. And it largely goes unnoticed. I’ve also rarely thanked or given credit to a healer at the end of any run.

I completely agree it’s a thankless job. If we die we know why we died. Never blamed the healer for dying if i messed a mechanic. Of course if the healer is bad or undergeared it becomes quite obvious.


If the entire group knows how to stay out of bad and the tank is a blood DK, it’s been happening for years…


If only I had a dollar every time I saw this topic.


The game is absolutely not designed around healers doing dps. I have no issue with healers playing any way they want. If they want to have open globals and do nothing, fine. If they want to weave in whatever dps they can while keeping the group up, also fine. Healers are ‘required’ to dps to down content only in two scenarios. One being raid bosses when a group is undergeared and they can not pump out enough dps. Two being in M+ when the keys get to the level where even top end gear can no longer keep up with the dps requirements. So no, Blizzard does not design the game with healer dps being required. Only through player created scenarios such as key levels above maximum gear output or undergeared raid groups is healer dps actually required.


Healers heal, dogs bark, cats meow and cows moo.

Keep it moving.


In current m+ higher keys, tank should and will outheal the healers on the overall - maybe except dungeons like SD

Healers shouldn’t be doing a DPS job, my take.

You’re there to heal, everything else is extra.


I like healing but its like the only role where having a offspec of tank or dps to quest or open world stuff makes it doable

I don’t heal in retail anymore, the “Healers must dps” meta is ridiculous and I refuse to be apart of it.

If 3 DPS and a Tank cannot output enough DPS to clear content in a timely fashion while I’m healing brain-dead tunneling dps through mechanics and interrupting things that DPS refuse to hit their interrupt buttons for, then they clearly aren’t geared for the content they are attempting to do.

I’m a healer, not a half baked DPS with heal buttons. You kill the mobs I’m here to make sure you don’t die to your own stupidity while you do it.


do only healers get that special treatment? can i bring my hunter to a group with you and only use abilities every other gcd? you don’t mind, right?