Community Feast Available Every 1.5 Hours

I still don’t really understand what is going on at the feast. I never seem to get credit and I can’t find anything in the area to click that helps work toward credit. All that seems to happen is monsters spawn near the soup but interacting with the monsters never advances any of the quests.


Doesn’t the feast give more rep than the Dragonbane Keep event? But now DK is on a longer timer? Nothing wrong with it, just an observation.

I’m going against the mold to say this is a bad change. The more frequent it is up, the less likely you will get Bisquis.


Is there going to be a community feast in Warcraft: Arclight Rumble?

This is a disaster.

As we all know, obesity and diabetes is a rampant issue in the Tuskarr community, and more frequent feast will only serve to increase that community’s morbidity and mortality in the long run.

This is the last line Blizzard, I quit! Time to join Final Fantasy XIV or New World where surely nothing is wrong with these games.

Sorry this thread was missing one of these so I had to add it here.


I guess it’s a little different if you’re a walrus humanoid. Would you really call a walrus overweight? Pretty sure they have to be or they freeze to death.

Thanks for this change! This will make it a lot easier for me to earn the achievement now with this particular event as sometimes when the event is live, I’ll not receive any orders to do.

Yes chef!!

We got his recipes!

5 cups mushrooms
1/2 cup olive oil
3 pounds celery!

We got them all!

yes chef! now add more wq pls chef!

Good change… would be nice to have active timers and not need third party things to see when something is coming up. I sometimes miss the ‘‘message’’ on say other events and the community feast I miss entirely lol

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Yes Chef!

…Sorry I mean –

Yes, Chef!

That would be a bit extreme…

1/5 community feasts done for 3 weeks straight.

Cook your own soup fish boys. All the way down in that rubbish lag zone that’s a shell of Northrend designs.

Couldn’t care if it was every 15minutes. Unless you make a portal I ain’t bothering.

A lot more players are going to hit 27 renown with Tuskarr soon. Now would be a good time to change the map icon of the tackleboxes to not be the exact same as disturbed dirt piles and magic-bound chests.



Thanks Chef!

Yay! More soup!


Now make toys unsuable near the event and you will be farming Ws all day

IMO - Feasts, Hunts and Sieges should be every hour. Especially when you need to do one for the weekly.

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I was expecting more food puns in this comment sections.