[Community Council] Dual Spec, But Different [Fedback Needed!]

You are so horribly mistaken when it comes to my personal experiences it’s not even funny. Skeram. Sulfuras. Kirtonos. Earthfury.

I never said it was the fix. But it could help in some way. And it’s easy to implement.
Juggling server populations to a point where everyone is content? Impossible.
Obviously the majority want to be the dominant 80% faction on their megaservers.
Those of us who want balanced, healthy servers (BELIEVE ME I ABSOLUTELY DO) are most likely, out of luck.

So yes, I will settle for a little convenience right now.

Take notice to the last thing I mentioned in my previous response to you.

You are fully welcome to campaign your own thread about server populations rather than derail this one about a separate topic as that is arguably, trolling.

I would totally love to see a CC link their server health post here same as you, but they didn’t.
So I will support what they did do. No, it does not come at cost of everything else.

Hey check it out, this is one of the oldest posts on the CC that Sixx and I made:

And it’s the same one that was linked in the “small section” :slight_smile: Check it out if you want to. Fixing population imbalance and the state of xfers and dead realms etc is my absolute number one priority.
And…that wasn’t a wall of text in favor of DS. I’ve actually said multiple times that I don’t want DS. It was me proposing an idea for a middle ground relating to injecting new life into the game.

Just in case you don’t want to read the whole thing I linked, here’s a snippet of my response I think you’d find the most pertinent:

I have personally spent probably on the order of 6k on respecs. I still dont have my 280% mount. half my farming time I spend just paying off my respec fees, then I can farm for mats, so other people can get gear that helps them pve, pvp, farm all at once. Hell the system should be dps classes pay 50g a week for being able to do everything at once, that would be fair. But no, lets penalize the healers. Thats a great system.


It’s mind boggling how many people don’t understand that lack of dual spec is very much a factor in the lack of tanks/heals. Like hey let’s take the two least popular roles, that can’t solo effectively, and then further penalize them by not letting them switch specs easily, nope that won’t contribute at all to less people doing them.


My only observation is that you have this platform to at the very least bring attention to the real problem such as your state of tbc realms reflects. I respect you saying that it’s your priority number one issue, but based on observation of your post history and only talking about other unnecessary issues most recent.

It doesn’t take a fool to notice that blizzard isn’t really giving TBC that much light of day. So to use your position to focus on a multitude of issues and bringing this one on the more recent forefront. I’m just disappointed to see it, when you could be trying harder on the real problems.

Don’t take my brash response as though I would necessarily dislike dual spec in the game. I could not care less if it were added. However, any level of activity on the little issues is a waste of data to the proven executives of blizzard whom have historically disappointed their player base time and time again.

I may not be a fancy pants “community council” member like you. But I’ve played this game since vanilla as I’m sure you may have as well. All I can say is please if you’re taking feedback, then take mine. Don’t distract blizzard with data points that are completely unnecessary for TBC classic right NOW. Dual Spec will be on the map for WotLK. Adding it to TBC today will likely take far more resources than we can actually comprehend of those that are currently working on the project right now. However, there are more realistic server realm balancing issues that are a lot more feasible with the tools that they already have.

I have nothing else to say on this subject, as I would prefer to no longer continue activity in this topic you created.

You seem to fail in the understanding what nochanges means.

No changes means it shouldn’t go against what the game was, at all.

That is VERY different than wanting the game to not go into the direct opposition direction of the prigional game designs INTENT.

Please though, keep showing you can’t understand any argument against wotlk dual spec being added to tbcc as anything other than nochanges because of your agendas.

I didn’t move the goal posts, you just tried placing them in a spot I never had them with misinterpreted (or more likely misrepresenting) my argument as no changes. That was never my argument.

Your upset that I’m calling you out for repetitively falling back on #nochanges, more so now that a reasonable compromise has been proposed for your only legitimate issue however minor that is, and are now trying to redefine it.

No but the new fun I would get out of it would help me forget I’m in a dead server.

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Except my argument was never nochanges.

It was that the design goals of the base game should be respected to the point we are not going in the opposite direction of them. Which dual spec (wotlk version) does. It goes a full 180 turn of the design goal of specs having meaning behind them and restrictions so people don’t just change specs with no consequences.

A dual spec with a long CD or pvp only still enforces the design goals of tbc in terms of specs, and consequences for constantly changing specs.

You are the one who has constantly misrepresented many argument against dualspec as purely nochanges.

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Then stop falling back on that when you have nothing else

Your sole legitimate issue(which was always extremely minor) is easily resolved by simply adding a cool down/being in a city. Which most people in favor of dual spec would be perfectly fine with, yet you refuse to discuss that because you aren’t having a good faith discussion.

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Dude, #nochanges failed. There’s no going back.

Any iteration of the game that we get will be different from the way it was. The players have changed. Technology has changed. The company has changed.

Embrace change!


It did not fail. It’s just that some players (Retail players, basically) never wanted an authentic experience and they’ve now infected the Classic playerbase.

For example, Classic itself was FAR more successful than TBCC. And Classic was much, much, much more #nochanges oriented. It’s almost like all these changes to TBCC only drove away the purists and the entitled crowd will never be satisfied and complain no matter what anyway.

If after 17 years Blizz hasn’t realized the entitlement crowd (the ones driving changes) will never be satisfied, then they’ve learned nothing.

I have been following this dual spec debate for months now and decided not to participate up until this point but I feel like I need to say something.

If you are a no dual spec absolutist you are completely out of touch with the average player of this game you are not thinking about the health of the game but only about preserving some trivial aspect that only you enjoy.

No matter what you say not having dual spec handicaps players from enjoying multiple aspects of the game that they otherwise would do freely if the barrier of entry wasn’t high I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard friends and guildes talk about wanting to do PvP but don’t want to pay to respect out of raid or farming spec vice versa.

Really sit down and think about what you are advocating against and ask yourself “Is my position really in the best interest of the game?”


#nochanges most definitely failed. Some of the first parts of vanilla classic were caused because of #nochanges like batching. It failed so bad blizzard explicitly stated that #nochanges was not a consideration for TBC Classic.

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LOL, and TBCC shows how wrong they were to do that. It has horrible retention, bled so many players. #somechanges has been a total disaster.

But of course you know that. You’re just a troll. The outspoken anti-Classic Wall of No poster who mocked and ridiculed people who wanted classic servers. Amazingly you’re still here years later still trying to destroy the game.

Vanilla classic also bled a ton of players and now we have a ton of dead servers because the #nochanges didn’t like layering.

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