Community Council discussion on Hunter design

I really don’t like this either. One year in Classic made me really appreciate my pet and dread the chore of managing it.

I’m very attached to my pets but as Watermist mentioned in the CC post, pets are one of our weapons in reference to damage as well as a companion in playing. That would make BM very tedious and our main damage dealer would be hindered by dying and rezzing or being dismissed as you pointed out. Even covenant companions don’t do this currently.

It’s a shame we can’t respond in the CC forums.

WIND BURST PLS!!IDC IF ITS WEAK!! I just want my ranger fantasy! =D

Honestly, there is soooo much wrong with the pet system these days in retail. Theres no connection, no emotional bond, and no special pixels. Nothing. Just a lighted up kill command.
There are tons of things that can be addressed.

  1. You go out to find this cool looking pet and you get some basic, blizz approved looking pet. Highly demoralizing. Yes it has gotten better but far from what it can be.
  2. Yes the classic chores were bad, but it was also bc of those chores that you loved your pets more. I think there is something in the middle that would be good.
  3. I honestly think that one big talent tree for all pets would be best. You go out, you get any and all of your favorite pets, you pick 5 to come with you. Summon one pet and open up its talent tree like a character tree. One tree is for your pets class and focuses on that. Like bleeds and stealth for cats. The other tree is the pet tree thats identical for all pets. Spec tank/dps/w.e in that one.
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Thank you, but it’s likely they have people asking these kinds of questions on their team already :3

Are you being ironic/sarcastic with this point?

No, the chores absolutely did not make us love our pets more.


Something that will likely never happen but would be amazing…

Ability to customise pets, similar to barber shop options… Doesn’t have to be super detailed, simple things like adding spikes to Cleft hoof horns… Just generic changes to each pet family.

Probably an unpopular opinion but I also loved the loyalty & happiness system pets used to have, made pets feel more like your companion.

I truly and honestly, and sincerely doubt that they do haha.

Blizzard need to heavily invest in some UX designers to get this kind of thinking out there.

Just a quick note (since I’m busy atm), but you can quote posts from CC, and if you quote anything from me, I’ll be notified to your post.

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Here’s my one wish to the developers:

If Blizzard are going to double down on keeping Survival’s melee aspect (and thank gosh there’s no wood to touch on that one), it’s flow needs to be flipped on it’s head.

Currently as it stands, all of survival’s major focus DPS spenders happen in melee, and it’s focus generator is ugh, ranged (kill command feels horrid). It should be the other way around entirely.

The general flow should be dipping in and out of Melee range, mid, and long, and in general be very slippery. I feel that the general flow of combat should be ‘ranged → dip into melee → ranged again’.

Focus generation should happen rapidly (let’s give Butchery some real use yeah?) in melee, and survival’s big damage spenders should happen from long range. It would have active use of both Harpoon and Disengage more organic, and tie these skills more directly into the natural rotation and behaviour of the spec. And having the main damage spender a ranged attack (outside of kill shot) will just FEEL good.

Oh yeah and concussion shot baseline too please.

Oh, and make that spender Black Arrow, thank you.

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Better yet make both the builder and spender ranged. And the auto attack. And the weapon.


Well this is the dream.

make melee spear ranged…i agree i want to toss around a 2h weapon -nods-


Havent you ever heard that misery attracts company? Its soooo true.

Hate it as you did, as i did, but i never loved my pets more then i did then.

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This sounds terrible. No thanks.

MM as a a spec which prioritize shooters. (i wish MM could choose between aimed shot playstyle and the old sustainstyle that old SV had with explosive shot and lock and load)

BM as a spec which prioritize his beasts. (Hunters should pick any pet they want instead of being locked in families)

SV as a melee oriented spec. More melee tools would be cool! maybe some attention for Tracker’s Net, a net which decreases enemy cast time, heal effectiness idk, a root which doens’t break through dmg.

Dual wield for hunters(efficient as two handers please), Glaive weapons, “Warden/Shadow hunters fantasy” being officially implemented ingame.

Some AGRESSIVE traps, more bleeds. A trap which works just like spear of bastion/enhance totem.

(Hunters already has MOST of their kit as ranged, melee oriented spec is essential for balance and lore purposes, theres NONE REASON for a third ranged spec)


Updated the previous post with additional talent suggestions. The updated image, along with all the tooltips, can also be found below here.

  • Several of the new talents that have been suggested are called “Improved…”, and are mostly just flat percentage upgrades to specific abilities. Why? It seems as if this is something that they’re including in the talent trees, going forward. This can be seen in the ones that have already been announced for other classes.
  • Several talents, for anyone who’s played the class in the past, can be recognized from former Legendary powers, tier set bonuses, etc.
  • Even if the idea of merging BM with the melee+bestial aspects of MSV isn’t on the table for Dragonflight(unlikely), the parts below that do include melee, along with the same ones in the original post, they can easily be removed and this whole concept could still be considered for Beast Mastery, come 10.0.

[Killer Instinct] - Kill Command deals 35% increased damage against enemies below 35% health.

[Bloodseeker] - You and your pet gain 10% attack speed for every bleeding enemy within 12 yds.
(Part of the current SV talent: “Bloodseeker”)

[Improved Bestial Wrath] - The Focus cost of all abilities is reduced by X% while Bestial Wrath is active.

[Bloodshed] - 50 yd range - Instant - 1 min cooldown
Command your pet(s) to tear into your target, causing your target to bleed for X damage over 18 sec, and increase all damage taken from your pet(s) by 15% for 18 sec.

[Dire Beast] - (Replaces Barbed Shot/Lacerate) - Instant - 12 sec recharge - 2 Charges
Summons a powerful wild beast that attacks the target for 8 sec.

Generates 20 Focus over 8 sec.

Note: Octagonal “choice” node, you may obtain one of the following two choices at a time.

[Scent of Blood] - Activating Bestial Wrath grants 2 charges of Barbed Shot/Lacerate/Dire Beast.


[One with the Pack] - Wild Call has a 20% increased chance to reset the cooldown of Barbed Shot/Lacerate/Dire Beast.

Using Barbed Shot/Lacerate/Dire Beast increases your Haste by 5% for 12 sec.

[Bestial Rage] - Increases damage dealt during Bestial Wrath by an additional 15%.

[Giantstalker] - Cobra Shot, Raptor Strike, and Multi-Shot increases the damage bonus granted by Bestial Wrath by an additional X% for the remaining duration.

[Feeding Frenzy] - Damage dealt by Barbed Shot/Lacerate is increased by X%. When the periodic damage effect applied by Barbed Shot/Lacerate is refreshed, this causes the remaining damage to be added to the new effect. The bleed effect caused by Barbed Shot/Lacerate now lasts for a total of 9 sec.

In addition, Frenzy’s duration is also increased to 9 seconds.

  • Dire Frenzy(Requires talent: Dire Beast)
    Each time a Dire Beast is called, the damage dealt by your main pet(s) is increased by 1%.
    When you activate Bestial Wrath, this consumes all stacks of Dire Frenzy and increases the initial damage dealt by Bestial Wrath by 50% for each stack that is consumed.

[Go for the Throat] - Kill Shot/Mongoose Bite now also have a high chance to proc whenever you score a critical hit with Kill Command. If you score a critical hit with Kill Shot or Mongoose Bite, the damage of your next Kill Command is increased by X%.

[Spitting Cobra] - Bestial Wrath also summons a Spitting Cobra to aid you in combat for 15 sec. Each Cobra Shot/Raptor Strike used during Bestial Wrath extends the remaining duration of the Spitting Cobra by 1 sec.

[Thrill of the Hunt] - Barbed Shot/Lacerate/Dire Beast reduces the remaining cooldown of Bestial Wrath by an additional 4 sec.

Barbed Shot/Lacerate/Dire Beast increases your critical strike chance by 5% for 12 seconds.

[Dire Command] - Kill Command has a chance to also summon a Dire Beast to attack your target.

[Aspect of the Wild] - Instant cast - 2 min cooldown

Grants you and your pet 5 Focus per sec and 10% increased critical strike chance for 20 sec.

[Birds of Prey] - Kill Command extends the remaining duration of A Murder of Crows by 2 sec.

[Stomp] - When you cast Barbed Shot/Lacerate/Dire Beast, your pet stomps the ground, dealing X Physical damage to all nearby enemies.

Note: Octagonal “choice” node, you may obtain one of the following two choices at a time.

[Chimaera Shot] - Instant cast - 15 sec cooldown
A two-headed shot that hits your primary target and another nearby target, dealing X Nature damage to one and X Frost damage to the other.

Generates 10 Focus for each target hit.


[Flanking Strike] - Instant cast - 15 sec cooldown
You and your pet leap to the target and strike it as one, dealing a total of X Physical damage.

Generates 20 Focus for you and your pet.

[Talon Frenzy] - While Beast Cleave is active, A Murder of Crows affects up to 8 enemies near the primary target.

[Improved Beast Cleave] - Increases the duration of Beast Cleave by 6 sec. Increases the damage dealt by Beast Cleave by X%.

[Improved Multi-Shot/Carve] - Casting Multi-Shot/Carve reduces the Focus cost of your next Kill Command by X.

[Improved Cobra Shot/Raptor Strike] - Increases the damage dealt by Cobra Shot/Raptor Strike by 30%.

[Improved A Murder of Crows] - Damage of A Murder of Crows is increased by X%.

[Cobra Commander] - Casting Cobra Shot/Raptor Strike has a 10% chance to create 2-4 Sneaky Snakes that attack the target for 6 sec.

[Killer Cobra] - Casting two Cobra Shots/Raptor Strikes in a row increases the damage of Kill Command by X% for Y sec. If at least one of the Cobra Shots/Raptor Strikes lands a critical hit, this causes the next Kill Command to not incur a cooldown, and have its’ Focus cost reduced by 50%.

[Aspect of the Beast] - Increases the damage and healing of your pet’s abilities by 30%.

Increases the effectiveness of your pet’s Predator’s Thirst, Endurance Training, and Pathfinding passives by 50%.

[Rylakstalker’s Piercing Fangs] - While Bestial Wrath is active, your pet’s critical damage dealt is increased by 35%.

[Stampede] - Instant cast - 30 sec duration - 2 min cooldown
Summons 5 of your stabled pets to fight for you for 30 sec. These pets deal X% of normal damage and obey your Kill Command.

Pets summoned by Stampede heal themselves for 200% of the damage they deal.

Note: Octagonal “choice” node, you may obtain one of the following three choices at a time.

[Unleashed Fury] - Instant cast - 20 sec cooldown
Sends your pet into a rage, causing it to deal X Physical damage to the target in a flurry of 5 attacks. Damage dealt is increased by X% for every stack of Frenzy the pet currently has.

When this ability is used, your pet lets out a savage roar, increasing your haste by 10% for 12 sec.


[Way of the Mok’Nathal] - Requires melee weapon(s).
Embrace the teachings of Rexxar, and the clan Mok’Nathal.

Wielding melee weapons causes successful Kill Command critical hits to grant you Mok’Nathal Tactics, increasing the damage of Raptor Strike by X% for Y sec, and any Raptor Strike performed within that time will reduce the remaining cooldown of Bestial Wrath by X sec.


[Bestial Fury](Requires talent: Dire Beast)
Damage dealt by Dire Beasts during Bestial Wrath is increased by another X%.
Any Dire Beasts called during Bestial Wrath will have their duration increased by an additonal X sec. This also applies to Dire Beasts who have already been called to fight when Bestial Wrath is activated. Attacks made by Dire Beasts will now also benefit from Beast Cleave, if activated.

As always, feedback is appreciated.

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Because Hunters are a ranged class. Melee hunter is not needed for balance. Lore for the WoW hunter class has them ranged. They had melee only to deal with foes that got into melee and to try and get back to range. The Hunter class was three ranged specs prior to Legion.

Melee only should have been a fourth spec. Ranged Survival should NEVER have been deleted.


So essential that we went 12 years without it :clown_face:


I like that it feels similar to a caster, but with way better mobility. Just the current iteration of Aimed Shot spam fishing sucks and makes it way less mobile as a spec.

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make the BM t-rex haste buff that can be used anywhere PVP/PVE like the Troll haste buff, other than that it’s brought for mortal wounds.