[Community Council] Botting, RMT, Dual Spec and More - Feedback Needed

Looking at ironforge population seems like only a smaller subset of players actually pvp. Would be a nice change for a few. I also think from a technical standpoint this would probably be harder to implement and classic resources are very low

Your about to see how easy a un nerfed BT is going to be. Will be easier then Vashj and KT. Allowing people to increase the difficult will help people have a longer progression window

T6 being chill is fine. Sunwell is the true test anyway

LFG tool promotion that i see in this thread is awful. What made classic classic was its necessary communication and talking to people to get anything done. LFG tools are just another way for ppl to afk and not put any effort into actually looking for something and making the game more single than multi-player. it strips away communication and community. there won’t be any more LFG and people talking to one another if an improved and more reliant lfg tool is in place. who wants that? no one. having problem finding dungeons? then we should enable free transfers or merge servers. lfg tool isnt the answer for that.

I like the idea of dual spec. it would mean more tanks could tank since most are doing PVP for their PVE gear when it is not raid days. Would help with less raid log too imo.

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I also support making content more challenging for future phases and more communication on when nerfs/releases are happening (please give us actual info instead of “surprises”). If making it challenging is seen as gatekeeping, then implement it where you have x amount of time to do it “hard mode” and then like a month or so before next phase its nerfed for casual access.

Perfectly said. I agree wholeheartedly.


is not good.

Ill admit i have been playing on a wotlk naughty server lately, so I know what harm RFD does. Although I think that having dungeons so easy in wrath amplifies the problem.

As for duel spec, couldn’t you just make it so it can’t be used in arenas to avoid exploitiation or maybe put a cooldown on the time you can switch specs?

For SoM please looking into a dedicated server for hardcore.

Just check Obsidian Edge ‘non official hc server’ for how successfully it has been, and I’m sure an actually official hc where 1 life = death would be even more popular

Som is made by people who dont understand classic and by people who dont enjoy the game. Dual spec should never be in classic, it kills class identity. Pvp battlegrounds from the getgo has ruined phase one. Everyones sitting in AV, afk in IF. Rank 12 gear on the third week of classic lol. It boggles my mind that people were praising some interview with Brian Birmingham, when he ruined the original classic release with his lack of bot fixing, layering that let to the economy getting ruined on the first week by hardcore farmers. And then disappearing after bwl.
He should be despised by vanilla players.

Everyone knows activision likes botters, since it makes the game look more attractive to investors. Ive given up any hope

Why would they buff mc? Mc is meant to be a home for the casuals, where u get drunk and high and just hang out with the homies. Bwl and beyond should have been buffed.

Blizzard needs to stop making decisions to improve vanilla, because their dev team is incapable of making changes that dont destroy the game. They killed phase one, they overbuffed mc (nobody wanted buffed mc, we wanted better cthun), they buffed rogues, they killed memespecs since theres no worldbuffs. They made som like this sort of leveling race competition, and all it screams to me is… the creators dont love vanilla and they are making a game to appeal to non vanilla fans.


Tell them to treat their employees and customers with more respect.

They could start by encouraging unionization efforts and to make more of an effort to tell the truth.


The ship has probably sailed on this since it’s already on the PTR. Best you can hope for is for them to buff Sunwell.

That said, we should take a moment to actually consider who Classic should be catering to. Since retail already has difficult raid content, I think Classic should be an alternative to that. Let the Classic dads have their easy raids (well, unchanged from what they were back then) because people who want a challenge have another option.

I think there are a lot of people looking forward to LFD, so I think that should stay how it is. As a copromise, maybe they can do a gradual rollout. When Wrath drops, have LFD for pre Wrath dungeons. Then in Phase 2 or 3, add Wrath normals. Then phase 4, and Wrath Heroics.

If they did this, the heroics wouldn’t be that much different than the TBC heroics in that most of the challenge would be on the tank/healer. You’re probably not going to get actually hard heroics again until Cata (assuming they go pre nerf).

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I love classic, mainly era and SoM, but I really wish there was a better method for dealing with the excessive amount of bots.

I do “my part” and report while providing a general description of the behaviors I observe. Sometimes I get an in-game mail stating one of them has been banned; other times, I watch the same bot farm mobs or instances whenever I’m online for months. I even continue to report it as I become increasingly frustrated it’s still around.

Please… do something more about the bots. Thank you!!

Edit: Yes, I know about “ban waves,” but it does not help the feelsbadman observing a bot farm for months.


Hard to calculate but retail is definitely a massive game compared to classic.

On Botting:
Like it or not, bots count as a sub and do reflect the success of certain games. They’re a losing battle to try and consistently catch and ban. If bots were going to be “banned”, they need to be consistently manually banned until they cannot keep up with a potential WoW token.

On RMT/WoW Token:
Anyone you ask has been associated with “RMT” in some way. If you ever went to a gdkp, buyers are 99.99% of the time using bought gold. People that have grown disinterested with logging in between raids also will buy gold. It’s a “hush hush” thing that people are only now vocally saying “yea I bought gold for x y z during Naxx”. Just put a WoW token in to keep Blizzard happy with sustaining servers and putting more effort into them.

Raid Nerfs:
Absolutely unnecessary across all tiers. The content isn’t difficult if you give any effort towards the game; you shouldn’t cater to people that have no vested interest in playing if your content is “too hard”.

People cleared all tiers of content on CRT monitors and dial-up. I’m sure they’ll find a way to improve.

Seems fine. Again, bots keep the prices and abundance of resources pretty high and at stable prices.

Server Xfers:
In a perfect world, you just shouldn’t have paid server transfer. The second you allow people to freely transfer between servers, you’re going to make every pvp server an imbalanced nightmare. Capping server population on one “layer” and keeping transfers out of the equation is the only way to ensure every pvp server is as close to balanced as possible.
While this is going on, you need to keep tabs on server population, and gauge whether a “free transfer” off dead realms is necessary for people trapped there.

tl;dr, “Transfers” became the RMT that Blizzard has in Classic, when it should’ve been WoW tokens. Transfers destroyed server health.


I would like to preface this by saying that I do not want anyone to think I don’t want people to enjoy Classic, Classic TBC, Seasons of Mastery or Retail. I have seen too many posts and discussions putting down people on both sides.

I see no issues whatsoever that people want WoW+ or “somechanges”. I think this will be refreshing option for people that want something different out of Classic Era WoW. But there is also a large crowd (whether they advocate it here or not) that enjoy Classic Era or Vanilla for what it is. They don’t want massive changes or a deviation of what Classic WoW was/is. They understand the pros/cons, benefits/ disadvantages, and what to expect.

I think it would be foolish on Blizzards part to not condense all Era servers to 1 or 2 remaining and have a fresh Classic Era server that resets every few years.

This would net most private server players, players that do not want changes that Seasons bring and players that want a more traditional experience. Private servers that have been running for 15 years using the vanilla client are proof enough that players will continue to reroll each time. Whether that is for a fresh experience or aren’t a fan of changes.

Classic Era is mostly polished and the maintenance on a fresh server would be minimal in regards to phases or content. The population would be less for sure that would help with layering and overcrowding.

I’m not here to split hairs and say that adding artificial MS in order to create Vanilla WoW is necessary or other silly changes like that. Combatting botting and breaking mage boosting is fantastic for every iteration of the game.


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If you mean arena, then maybe. But pvp in general you have 100k total on PVE realms vs 200k on PVP realms, so taking all types of pvp into account, you’re off.

Agree with everything you stated but WoW Tokens should absolutely never been in Classic WoW.

screw unions

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People will always RMT in WoW, it’s unavoidable. At least with a token it could go towards hiring people to help manage classic servers.

An annual Scourge Invasion is something many Classic Era players would be happy to see implemented!

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