Community chat disappearing

Hello all, I am not sure if this question goes here or in General - but have you experienced certain Community windows disappearing on your certain channels on log-off for some alts when you switch toons? If so, how did you fix it? My work-around is to click on the “remove chat” then adding it back on but to do it every single time is time consuming. It happens on certain characters, not all, and is random. I can also log on an alt, the channel would be there, switch to another alt to grab something, log back on and the channel would be gone.

I tried to search thru for the forums and I can’t find anything other than a
blue thread a few years back where entire guild chat disappeared but it sounded like a different issue altogether.

Thank you,


I am getting same …certain toons missing community channels. im gonna try ur suggestion delete and reinstall… i couldnt find anything on forums except ur message

Happening to me as well. Can’t see or interact w/ my Guild on my toon but can do so just fine on my main.