Communication Request - PTR Raid Testing Times

To Kaivax and the powers that be,

Please consider actually letting us know when the PTR will be available for raid testing (Start and End times) so teams we can plan around these events, especially during a schedule-heavy season. Our raiders have holiday travel, final exams, EOY projects and deadlines for work on top of every guild having its own schedule for raiding. Higher-end guilds will also be planning specific weeks for speed clears and parses that this would help with as well.

In the past, there have been flimsy excuses about the ptr being for bugs and not guild practice however ignoring the reality of what your player base does with the PTR and willfully obfuscating the start and end times only makes things extremely difficult for your most dedicated demographic of players.

Soon* isn’t good enough with so many confounding variables and I’m hoping beyond hope this pretty severe problem for guild masters and raid leaders is alleviated with better communication this time around


Agreed. With the holiday season, this would be especially helpful.

If you expect us to give an earnest attempt at hard mode Ulduar - a huge step above Naxx - we need some level of organization.

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Hi Zclap,

This is a totally reasonable request, especially due to the holidays. There’s a lot of reasons why we hesitate to announce dates around PTR testing too far in advance, but the main reason is is that new, in-development content tends to bring issues and delays that are sometimes hard to predict and plan around. We often times will have a date scheduled internally for testing, and then just prior to that date we end up finding a showstopper bug or other major issue and then are forced to delay at the last minute, which feels bad for everyone involved if we’ve already announced our plans.

All that being said, I also totally sympathize with the struggle behind this request. We are going to aim for the early afternoon (US time) of December 8th to enable Ulduar raid testing, and we are likely to leave the raid available through the weekend and will likely end the first round of testing on the morning of December 12th

The caveat here is that something may arise that causes us to delay or shift these dates, and we may not know that until we get very close to that date. So this isn’t an announcement, but a goal. I also cannot promise that we’ll always be able to provide our target dates for raid testing this far in advance either, but I’d certainly like to try and give more notice in the future.

Just please try and be understanding if something unforeseen pops up and we have to delay a bit for some reason :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Is there any chance testing like this could be left up for a whole week? Tuesday/Wednesday raid guilds are feeling shafted! We already miss the first week of content when it drops on Thursday instead of reset day, and can’t get in on PTR testing because they’re targeting every day except our raid days.


Thanks a ton for the response. Even this does so much for our ability to plan. Caveats aside, knowing a floor for the date is incredible.

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This is hugely helpful thank you Josh. At the least we can keep our schedule clear until the 8th.

Delay Ulduar release till mid january. Some people like to play both retail and classic and hate when you overlap releases.

Hey, just one question, do Tues/Wed raiders not have rights to participated your PTR raid testing? How tf you open the raid whole week but no Tues/ Wed ???

This is correct. PTR is not a “right” it is a testing tool.

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You are right, it is a testing tool that everyone has a right to test it, not just open it for 5days a week.

ROFL, i raided all of tbc in a guild that ran tues/wed and when new content was released on a thurs we just shifted the raid days for that week to run the new content. If your guild cant get enough people to show up for diff that that one week of ptr and maybe first week of release that is on your guild not on the devs