<Common Courtesy> Oceanic 1 day a week cross faction AotC raiding community

Common Courtesy is a newly formed raiding group/community aiming to clear AOTC and complete the meta achievements each Season with a flexible 1 night raid schedule.

We raid from 8:00pm-11:00pm Oceanic SVT on Monday night. We are happy to take players from any server or faction and use discord to manage our group invites.

If you’re interested in some friendly banter and relaxed raiding environement without a rigid schedule Common Courtesy may be for you.

We are looking to bring the player, not the class - so we are open to accepting pretty much any spec at this stage as long as you are able to take on feedback and pull your weight.

We are looking to make progress into Heroic as of 31/1/23 and will be asking for a minimum 385ilvl for raid. Our team is often running keys and happy to help people in our community gear up.

Contact the following people below for more information.

Oldestmate (GM): Oldestmate#4923 (Discord) Oldestmate#1489 (BNet)

Bump! We are now 5/8 Heroic and looking for a Ret Paladin, DK or DH to join the team.

Bumping, we are now 6/8 H and making good progress on Broodkeeper. Still looking for a 390ilvl+ DK or DH to join the team.