Coming back to the game

Hello all,

I am coming back to the game after a long break and am looking for a guild that I can re learn the ropes of raiding and really be able to progress in shadowlands with a friendly team that can help and give me constructive Criticism. I am planning on maining affliction warlock and would be open to speaking with anyone who would be willing to have me!

Discord: iQuintastic#7259
IGN on area 52: Commingling

Hello Google!
My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around! We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable, and our main goal is to have fun together!

We raid Weds/Thurs from 8:30-10:30 pm EST. Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

You can contact me at Grimmy#1990 if you have more questions.

Here is a link to our recruitment post: [H] Evolved Gaming, 18+ gaming community recruiting! 12/12N, 12/12H Ny'alotha

Good evening,

I hope this message finds you well.

Our raiding team in Local Defense Channel is looking for more ranged dps. Especially a Warlock or a Mage!
We raid Wednesday and Monday from 630-930pm EST (sever time on A-52)

If this interests you, I would love to discuss more with you, you can add myself at any of the below
btag IAmTheDanger#1130
Discord TommyÖliver#8971
or just /who Local Defense Channel all can help you out :slight_smile: