Coming back to game and looking for a guild

I’m returning to game and I’m looking for a new guild as my old guildies have all stopped playing. I have less time to game than I used to, so I’m looking for something a little laid back.

I’d like a guild that is active when it comes to raiding and/or pvp, and maybe does light RP. I haven’t really been an rper in the past, but I find that rp servers have better communities generally and I’d like to try to fit in.

If anyone knows any guilds that might work, please let me know.

Welcome back!

If you’re looking to stay Horde-side, feel free to check out the guild directory below! There is an Alliance one as well (link in the OP) but its not as full because its new.

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Hello, and thank you. I looked at the guild directory, but it seems like all the guilds listed there are heavy RP. I’m not quite there yet, so I wanted to see if there are other more light RP/learning RP friendly guilds that are active in game content.

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