Come on guys!

It’s Saturday night prime time. Horde ported into Duskwood. Were running around killing NPC quest mobs in Elwynn, and I could only get three people, including me, to respond in a group to that. There were at least 10-15 Horde out here. What’s going on? This makes me sad. WPVP is my favorite thing to do. I thought surely there would be more of a response/active interest in it. We can do better, Alliance!

Hahahaha. He thinks… hahahha… he… he thinks… alliance cares about wpvp!!!


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There are Alliance guilds that spend a lot of time WPvPing.

I spend 75% of my ingame time wPvPing, add Roony to your friends list if you want someone who is almost always down for a fight against Horde!

may have changed since i took a break after getting my priest to 60 but a couple of months ago alliance was outnumbering the horde in WPvP

Was that before or after the introduction of battlegrounds?

before, im assuming BGs tanked Wpvp

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This post is only 18 days old. There is WPvP out there, especially in certain zones. Alliance outnumber Horde 56/44 after a few Alliance guilds transferred here a month or two ago. I’ve seen packs of Alliance killing in Plaguelands, near Mauradon and even sitting near the throne room in UC.