Combat locked

Zone: Zorammarsh - Tanaan Jungle - Draenor
Problem: Combat locked.

I am doing achievement runs in the Taanan Jungle zone. I went inside a cave to collect treasure and hunt rares for two achievements: Jungle Stalker and Jungle Treasure Hunter. Upon entering the cave and doing my thing I get stuck in combat. I do what I usually do… just run away until I’m out of combat. Problem is I ran halfway across the map and am STILL in combat.

I used my garrison hearthstone to get out of combat and flew back to the area I was doing my achievement runs for: Zorammarsh. The FIRST and ONLY thing I attacked was a Direwing Predator (the bats flying in the sky). Once it died I was in combat and could not get out of combat. This has persisted a few times:

My garrison hearthstone was on cooldown, so I used Astral Call to hearth to Boralus. Used the portal to Stormwind. Then went to Ashran, and flew back to Tanaan Jungle. Attacked one single thing. Still in combat lock.

Rinse and repeated this process using my actual hearthstone. The problem persisted. My garrison hearthstone was off cooldown at this time (20 minutes later…) so I used that. Flew back. Killed the first thing I saw to test out if I would still be combat locked. Yup. Happened again.

I wanted to bring this to Blizzard / Activision’s attention by opening a ticket to talk to someone. But the process of doing that is impossible. Instead I used “Submit Bug”. But I’m pretty sure sending a “Submit Bug” is pointless.

I logged off. Logged back on. Still in combat. Exited the game. Logged back on. Out of combat. Killed one thing. Combat locked. Oof.

I tried this by logging onto my Paladin who was inside Heart of Fear. I killed the first boss and he did not get combat locked.

I’m not sure if it’s the zone. If it’s a bug. But I wanted to bring this to someone’s attention, because it is not the first time something like this has happened. Tiragarde Sound. Drustvar: Arom’s Stand (when farming for Winter’s Kiss). I’ll get combat locked. It’s beyond frustrating.

I hearthed to Dalaran to ask in Trade Chat if anyone else was experiencing this. Most said, “no”, while a few said, that they “were having the same problem”.

What was even more upsetting is that I couldn’t open a ticket to bring this to a GM’s attention. Like I said earlier the process of trying to talk to someone is impossible. From hearthing and flying back, hearthing to flying back and then trying to open a ticket I probably spent a good hour and a half with this. Frustrated that I wasted my time with this problem.

So, finally, I decided to post my situation of being consistently in combat locked onto the forums.

Any solutions?

Stay safe. And wash your hands!!


Still happening now. I guess Blizzard just doesn’t care. I keep having to hearth/kill myself every time I kill a mob.

open ticket, should have a report bug problem section/option, Maybe blizzard fixes it next round of hotfixes

this is happening to me now. I went into a cave killed a rare and left and have been stuck in combat. ill hearth out or die and go back to Tanaan jungle and kill anything a rabbit and im stuck in it again.