Collusion [A] | LF Skilled Raiders

Collusion [A] is a community focused on end game PvE. We have a very experienced group of leaders, skilled in organizing and executing all end game content. Our core group is comprised of top 20 US/World guild members from Vanilla through Wrath as well as top competitors on private servers. We raid end-game content at a high level with a semi-hardcore approach (3 Nights a week, third currently used for ZG). We endeavor to make the most out of the time we spend raiding. We have high expectations for the guild, and as such are looking for exceptional players.


Mon - 9:30-12:30 EST

Wed - 9:30-12:30 EST

Thurs 10:00-12:30 EST


44-minute MC

1-hour BWL

Member Expectations:

  • Raid Attendance, We expect raid members to be online and ready to leave shortly before raid time. Attendance is linked directly to the receival of gear, we understand that life happens sometimes, but inform us if you will need to miss a lockout.

  • Team-player, Ability to communicate and follow direction. Willingness to assist guild members.

  • Active player, Dedication to the guild and game. Staying up to date with current info.

  • Skill, Members need to be able to perform in a raid environment, being willing to learn and having a desire to improve.

  • Preparation, we want members who will be prepared by optimizing gear, spec, and rotations. As well as bringing any consumables required for that level of content.

Loot System:

In Collusion we utilize a loot list system. This is effectively a guild wide loot council. Raiders submit a sheet prioritizing the items they want the most from different tiers of raids.

This combined with our attendance point system creates a shared master loot list which visualizes a clear guide on loot distribution for months to come.

Recruitment Needs:

Any exceptional players of all classes and rolls will be considered. Specific needs outlined below:

HIGH (Immediate Raid Spot):

Warlock (DS/Ruin)

Priest (Holy/Disc)



MEDIUM (Bench or Raid Spot depending on Sign-ups):


LOW (Bench Raiders; chance to claim future spot):

Priest (Shadow)


LOCKED (Very little exception)

Priest (Shadoweave/PI)

Warrior (DPS)

Warrior (Tank)

Druid (Resto)


Feel Free to message me here, in game (Noranx#1742), or on discord (Rizs#4869), if you have any questions or wish to apply.

Alternatively, you can contact any of our officers with the discord link below.