Collector's Edition Pets



Ah, I thought you meant a blue post here on the forums (“the decision had been made to include the CE pets back when he made that post”. In any case, thanks for answering my question!


Okay, I’ve now seen the interview where the lead programmer describes “layering” as “an essentially new technology” it is sharding, but in keeping with an earlier post by myself. It looks like “layering” is a “extremely super chunky peanut butter” version of sharding(in which retail would be a “super creamy smooth peanut butter” in comparison).

You’re talking about a server shard the size of an entire continent, and capable of supporting an entire realm’s worth of population. So logging into Northshire Abbey and finding 400 players competing for the same quest mobs IS on their agenda.

There still is potential for you to see some “transition events” occur, when you party up with somebody in another shard one of you is going to move between them. But they’re going to try to keep you on the same shard(s). So long as it only persists through Phase 1, before the world raid bosses come around, I’m mostly okay with that. Not a big fan of it involving the level 50+ zones, but hopefully they phase it out before the level 50+ population becomes very large, rather than at the very end of phase 1.

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Hard work pays off


I have full tier 2 on my mage in retail (see character for proof). Since stuff is being linked now, I better have it when I start Classic.

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Please note: the original WoW Collectors Edition pets will not be testable in the WoW Classic Beta.


In other words, don’t make a bug report about not having the CE pets if you are in the Beta and have the CE.


boy they really trying to cash out hard on vanilla wow.


The “cash out” option in regards to the CE pets would have been to put them on sale again, and disallow the carry-over from Retail to Classic.

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Yes. Yes it is.

Everything I have heard today has been excellent news!

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Explain how. The pets were bought in 2004.


I don’t expect CE pets (or anything else) will be “linked”. You’ll still likely be asked to pick one of the three, and have just that one, on each new character you make. The way you earned a CE pet in vanilla was by having bought the Collector’s Edition, which promised you a CE pet for every character you ever make, in any future version of WoW (by one interpretation).

The way you earned a full tire 2 set in vanilla was to run Blackwing Lair. And you’ll be able to do that.

What people can raise a stink about is there not being a CE for Classic, which would get you the CE pets. Blizzard has said they have no plans for that, but with enough demand, they might add one.


Clearly you had a lagspike.


I was at the first BlizzCon. I don’t remember Murky being for just one character. If it was they must have changed it pretty quick. It was attached to your account like the CE pets. When you created a new character, the item would be waiting in your mailbox.

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You sure? I am pretty sure Murky was just unlocked on that character as it required that code, where the CE was a quest.

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these pet are from the classic era ?
or is add for marketing reason ?

i dont remember this in the old era ?


I was there for a latter BlizzCon, the reward from that one was Account Bound, and only usable on a single character at a time, but could be mailed between characters so long as they were on the same realm/faction(PvP). I understood Murky followed comparable rules at that point, but had previously been soulbound to the redeeming character previously.


Vanilla wow special edition. I don’t understand the uproar over this.

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if these pet are from the vanilla era and someone have it from the old era to is account is got any issue to complain there


Because Trolls gotta Troll.

That and “it links retail items with Classic” even if that link is pretty minimal.

The BlizzCon and CCG rewards from Vanilla are valid related items, as they were present in Vanilla, and have a case for being present in Classic, but likewise have no means of being obtained from within Classic(aside from possibly paying through the nose on ebay).