Collector's edition pets with multiple WOW accounts not functioning the same as live

I have two WOW accounts. One is a collector’s edition that is basically a time capsule from vanilla. My current WOW account was created when I returned to the game in WOTLK. A few weeks ago I opened a support ticket with Blizzard to inquire about merging both accounts. I was told this was not a thing anymore and that both of my accounts are viewed as one account now as far as the pets are concerned. This was not the case, my live account did not have the pets. Blizzard put 1 day of service on my old account and logged into it, saw I had the pets and pushed them out to my live account as well. Cool.

I also have closed beta access on my WOTLK account. I believe this is due to both accounts being viewed as “one” account. But anyway. I do not have the pets on the closed beta. I saw a post on reddit of a stress tester who had the pets so I also checked on the stress test and the quest item was not present on any characters I made. I opened a new ticket with Blizzard and they said they do not have access to beta characters and advised I open a forum post here.

I believe what is happening is likely my collector’s edition account would have the pets, I may ask blizzard to put 1 day of service on it so I can test for you all. I realize this is a niche case but I think clarification would be good on whether or not the pets are available in the same manner as they are on live.


I didn’t check my “other” accounts, as they’re inactive, but my CE account did have the CE Pet quest item waiting in the bags of my Toon when I logged into the Stress Test realms to check things out in the latest Stress Test.

So whatever issue is present, it’s probably linked to “linked accounts” and not the original OG CE account itself.

I think that is what is going on as well. I have requested the 1 day of service to see if I can test this.

*edit - Blizzard got back to me and can’t issue the service credit so I may bite the bullet and try it myself with a sub.

Next “live” test is a month out yet, going to be awhile before you can test it. Closed Beta has no cross-connect for the CE Pets, so testing there will fail by default. They warned about that in advance.

Thanks, I was not aware of that. But that makes sense because I have not seen any CE pets in the closed beta and I am sure more than a few were invited.

We hope you didn’t feel that you needed to spend $15 to check this.

You’ve basically got it right – the Collectors Edition pets do not behave in WoW Classic the same as they do in Battle for Azeroth. In Battle for Azeroth, pets are ( account-wide, so access to them in one of your World of Warcraft accounts grants them to you across all of your World of Warcraft accounts.

In WoW Classic, it works the classic way: it only grants the CE pets to CE World of Warcraft accounts.

If you play WoW Classic on your “time capsule” account, you’ll get the CE pets. If you play WoW Classic on your account you started in Wrath of the Lich King, you won’t get the CE pets.


Only the CE Account gets the CE Pet, makes sense to me.


I apologize for reviving this topic two years later but because this is such a niche situation I wanted to leave feedback. Doesn’t this seem to be a bit harsh on the player with the Vanilla Collector’s Edition who has played since 04? It’s such a rare situation and these pets were a huge part of many players experience in Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK. I ran into this recently with my Netherwhelp which at the time in WOTLK I transferred to my current account which was a good fix. The idea of having to pay a separate subscription on my old unused account to use it again in TBC Classic doesn’t feel like a good solution. It would be awesome if there was a way to honor these items in the future if the account is on the same bnet account.


Agreed. It’s just common sense that something you owned then and bought yourself should be something you own now. It’s your property and should be “returned” in a sense.


absolutely agreed : / with some of the changes happening to TBC Classic I really hope this is a policy the developers will consider changing. It really doesn’t feel good having to consider subscribing on an old unused account.