Coalescing Visions Cap

This cap is a very annoying problem for some of us who are used to not having to worry about caps for most currencies. You grind away and do all you can in your runs and then you realize you hit the cap at some point again, unknowingly. Is there some way other than common sense to avoid being unaware you have hit the cap? I’d forget my own name if it wasn’t written on my stuff. Like is there an addon or something?

You can go to Wago dot io and search for a weakaura called Warcraft Currencies (rJYx_NHKZ, since they’re not letting me post links here).

Might need to move the anchors as, on my UI at least, it overlapped the Objectives Panel.

Also keep in mind it will load on specific zones only (so, for example, will only show Coalescing Visions in zones where you can get them, or use them only). That’s something you can change easily, with a bit of work.

Also, if you’re at all familiar with WA’s, you can add one to notify you when your Coalescing Visions exceed, say, 23000 or something like that.

Beyond that, lots of addons offer DataTexts which you can customize to always show your selected currency on your screen.

You could just go into conditions and set the glow at any value you choose.