Clutch sister needs dodge removed

title says it. as it stands this is currently one of the most op pets around. twilight devastation is more than good enough on it’s own. it does not need to be given dodge as well. please remove it and give it something else, maybe a heal? as it stands it’s the most frustrating pet to go against currently… people just switch it in out devastation dodge… out… in 3 turns of that your whole teams wrecked. it’s just a tad overpowered please consider revising.

yes it is op

not a very fast pet tho
try running a fast critter against it

i hate that noone else cares about this. it’s 100 pct overpowered but people want cheese left in the game. that’s lame.

They are gonna nerf Twilight Devastation if that helps

It’s Twilight Meteorite. Twilight Devastation is a corruption ability. :smile:

Imagine a pet with twilight devastation and all your cute little pets tremble in fear as a giant purple void energy rushes towards them in a zig zag motion. Hehe


Then after that you see a Reek pet spawn, run to your pet and one shot him!

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