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gg game is hard.

Good afternoon! I think our guild would be great fit for you!

Message me on discord and we can talk details and see if it works for you and us!

I sent you a discord invite.


Still looking.

Hi Aria!

Chaos and Order (3/8 M VotI) is currently looking to bolster our roster. You don’t need to be on our server or in our guild to raid with us and off-meta specs are welcome if you can play them well. We are currently progging Mythic Sennarth which shouldn’t be too bad considering we 3 shot Terros last week! (

BTag: Deadlift#1353
Discord: Deadlift#4338

T & Th: 8:30-11:30 Eastern

If you’re not on the server but are interested in joining you could join on a fresh alt to see if you mesh with us. We’re currently mostly focused on raids and M+ but we’re also looking for people who want to do rated PvP and other general social activities so you definitely don’t need to raid to join us and we’re happy to help anyone improve their gameplay if they are looking for some suggestions!

Thanks so much for these posts. I can never decide if this is meant to gaslight people or is real, but either way I find it entertaining. Good luck to the guild that takes you in.

this individual is quite toxic (you can tell by reading their post) idk if any guild is gonna end up picking them up.

you sound like an absolute peach to have in a group

i have no idea but holy jesus i cringed so hard at the entitlement when i read their post LOL

I just want to play a game with people of some level of IQ - without beingbent over a barrel. Now, I get why that seems like entitlement to people who are raised in a facist country like ours. I blame right-wing propoganda which enthralls society as a whole - making willful work-a-daddy slaves of everyone.

No shot this is real LMAO

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