(closed) 1/9M 485 H/D Priest LF raid heal slot

Just transferred over from Proudmoore so logs are lacking, tbh what few logs I have are a tiny bit inflated since some of the healers I’ve run with so far have been…not stellar. Good for my rankings, bad for you. You’d be better served zeroing in on fyrak dispels or spirit of kaldorei heals than just looking at how badly I run over a bunch of grey parsers. Better yet go look at my worst parses, that usually means I was playing next to another competent healer or two (which hopefully you have). Manage expectations, ya know?

I usually float around mid/low 80th percentile.

I’d like to get AOTC each season with some mythic prog if possible. Guilds with classic and SoD groups are a plus. Designated M+ nights and designated alt raid nights are welcome as well.


P.S. If you’d like my references, I have some negative ones further down this thread! :upside_down_face:

We have a full time heal spot open. Check us out.

One Night Affair is an AOTC focused guild raiding only 1 night a week.

Raid times: Tuesday night 8:30-11:30 EST.

OPTIONAL night Thur 9-11 for those looking to do a little more.
Many Mythic+ KSM minded players.

Vault of the Incarnates
8/8N 8/8H 2/8M

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
9/9N 9/9H (AOTC in 7 weeks raiding 1 night a week.)

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope
9/9N 7/9H

Raid Leader is a former mythic and CE player. The majority of the guild members are former mythic raiders looking for a more casual approach to the game. We will focus on using our limited time with efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining a fun stress free environment.

Recruitment is currently opened for:

Contact Lucast0562 on Discord

Hi Furgoe,

Your logs look to be updated now. Moted raids Tue & Thu from 8p-11p ET with an AotC/early mythic focus. Currently 9/9H we are looking for a priest.

Please add me if you’re interested.
Discord(preferred): Jaystir
Bnet: Jaystir#1960

and some bumps.

Hi Furgoe,

Shoot me a message on discord (garshmog_) or bnet (Garshmog#1350). Higher Ground is an AoTC focused guild that runs M+ as a guild all the time, and we also have an SoD guild with a good amount of max level people running BFD and dungeons.

We raid 9:30-12AM Stormrage time Tuesday and Thursday.

Hope to hear from you!

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And back to the top.

Hey Furgoe, I would love to add another priest healer to our Tu/Th raid team! We are currently building our team and are currently 3/9H, 9/9N after just one week of killing bosses together. Below is our little guild spam :slight_smile:

Path to Valhalla is building and needs your expertise. We are Midcore AOTC Raiding Guild with some interest in Mythic. We offer M+ pushing as well as some casual interest in PvP.

Undeniable fans of Nordic culture, we wish to make everyone feel like heroes, and champions of your class. Our goals for every Season are:

  • AOTC (Heroic Raid full clear)
  • Some Mythic Raid content (Raid until it makes sense to take a break)
  • 2500 IO for max M+ reward
  • Alt Raid’s
  • Achievement hunting, casual events, contests and giveaways etc…

Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Mythic+ Night (7:00p - 12:00a EST)
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Main Raid Heroic Prog (9p - 11:30p EST)
  • Sunday: Community Raid Night Normal (9p - 10:30p EST)

We currently need:

  • Healers
  • Ranged & Melee DPS
  • Off spec Tanks for M+

My discord is Boundless828 if you would like to chat more

Hi Furgoe,

I looked for you on our raid night on Thursday but didn’t see you online on bnet. If you are still interested after the holidays maybe we can try again?

I was online, so were you.

Did you turn on invisible mode on the Bnet app and forget about it? I do that all the time.

And some bumps.

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Eclipsed, a large gaming community, is a WoW Guild located on Stormrage that was created by a group of veteran players that want to build a community-oriented guild that encompasses all aspects of the game and doing it with other people to achieve our best possible playability.

If you’re looking for a CE focused team, Tidal Acceleration needs a priest :slight_smile:

Tidal Acceleration (CE Focused)
9/9H 4/9M Amirdrassil
Tuesday and Thursday’s 8:30-11:30pm EST

I’ll also reach out to your BTAG :slight_smile:

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I would strongly recommend against picking this guy up.

Pick up at your own risk.

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You should REALLY elaborate on that…if your cautionary tale of only telling me about your weird loot rules after I pick up a BOE helps me save time trialing with guilds, it’d be much appreciated.

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Literally in the team document that you said you read. Maybe comprehend what you read, mate.

I was hoping for the story about how you guys threw your guild recruiter under the bus when i called you out on it because she was the only person not there. Guild recruiter lady if you are reading this…I’m sorry, you do thankless work, you deserved better :frowning:

‘Read the Terms of Service’ is fine too I guess. Not true, but certainly plausible.

Alright, enough drama, this 470 belt aint gonna disenchant itself.