Clock on the Minimap

(Kaivax) #1

With maintenance to the WoW Classic beta today, we’re going to be putting the clock onto the minimap in the default UI.

We expect it to save us a lot of time when we’re debugging using screenshots or video clips.


Is this just for the Classic beta or is it like the Toggled Autoloot option in interface (not being there in 1.12) and same with Keyring (being in 1.12 but not on beta)?


The clock on the mini map is the only part of the modern UI I miss.


Hopefully it stays in.

Minor changes to the UI which were accomplished by addons during Vanilla anyways aren’t really a big deal.

Incoming whining about changes though.


So you’re trying to get time to be on your side? :sunglasses:


Now I can easily see how much time I have to play in the morning before I leave for work. :grinning:


Any word on how long this maintenance will last?

(Xoja) #8

(Azreluna) #9

When I logged into Classic, I realized I’d forgotten that there used to be a day/night indicator.

I kind of want it back in retail, but I also want the clock (time) to stay.

For a while now, I’ve been reasonably certain that the day/night cycle is messed up on servers. I’m on Mannoroth, which is a server set to Eastern Time (remember when you chose server based on time zone?), and I’m reasonably certain that “night” starts at 9:30. At least, that’s when I get the graphic that tells me my night elf racial is switching from a crit buff to a haste buff. (I call it the night elf alarm clock.) Also, I don’t think it was that late back in Classic. I think it switched at 6 AM/PM.

I’m not asking for Blizzard to make the game so much more realistic that latitude and longitude affect sunrise and sunset as they do in the real world, but I’d love it if they could add the day/night cycle indicator back just so I can tell whether the the server correctly understands the concept.


There’s an option to use local time!

Non PST players rejoice!

(Darknesself) #11

I really hope this stays, at least as an option. During the stress test, I was missing being able to see the clock all the time, and no option for local time at least was driving me insane lol. I ended up just tabbing to Windows each time I wanted to check the time.


I actually sent a whisper to Omar during the stress test asking for a clock option lol.


The keyring didn’t show up until you got your first key. Have you gotten a key and tried it?


Leave it in for retail.

I doubt people will be mad that they can see the time without a mouse-over.



Workshop key to Gnomeragan, it’s in my bags, not my keyring. But IIRC, it actually starts at level 40, so we’ll see in a couple days.