Click To Move setting isnt working

For about the last month in Wrath Classic all my characters dont do the Click To Move. when i go into my interface and go to mouse i will check the box for Click To Move but everytime i relog it keeps unchecking. this is very annoying as ive played using that for many years. I have reset my WoW interface three or four times already that doesnt fix it. ive even gone as far as uninstalling the game completely which is a huge pain as to getting my addons and toolbars fixed back the way i like.

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I just use my keyboard for all movement.

Yeah, this is super-irritating.

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Of course you do.

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I have this problem with my Classic WoW alts, but my main toon has the ‘click-to-move’ working. I have a couple alts in limbo, having deleted them. I might bring one back and see if it can use ‘click-to-move’ with the mouse.

I sent two queries to WoW support, but they don’t answer.

Does this happen with your main toon–the first toon you made? I found that my main toon can use click-to-move, but my alts can’t.

Are you using FishingBuddy? If so:

I posted this in the click to move thread in the bug forums…

"I’m not 100% sure yet if this is a fix. I have logged in and out numerous times. Sometimes with a fishing pole equipped, sometimes my weapons. Sometimes switching back and forth a few times, playing around with /reload.

All that said, this is what I did to “fix” this issue:

Go to your AddOn installation folder for the version you are using.

Open the folder for FishingBuddy

Underneath that folder, open the file called “FishingBuddy.lua” without quotation marks, as a text file, if it asks.

Use the windows Find feature. (CTRL + F). A box should pop up for you to enter information. Type in “Move”, again without quotation marks.

Click “find next” - you will see “move” highlight at the bottom of your screen. This is the first instance of “Move” it finds. Keep using “find next” until you see (resetClickTo) before Move.

Within that short section, you will see a line that says:

SetCVar(“autoInteract”, 0);

Change the zero to a 1 and save the file. If you’re in-game while doing this, you may need to /reload or log out completely for a fresh load.

I hope this works as well for everyone else as it did for me."

After reading your reply, I disabled fishing buddy and click-to-move worked.