Classic wow pvp

Warriors blow things up in 2 seconds when they crit

Mages blow things up in 2 frostbolts and are untouchable by melee, having an escape button and instant get out of jail free card for basically everything on short CDs

Warlocks have a ton of cc and can just dot and hide, also having a wide toolkit to get out of almost any situation with the right pet

Rogues can lock someone down 100%-0 when they have all their cooldowns if it isn’t a dwarf with good armor or someone with a pvp trinket and good armor/heals

Paladin has virtually unlimited mana and divine shield is overpowered for flag defense and by getting out of coordinated cd with no skill involved

Shaman can explode people in 2 seconds with crits

Priest utility in the hands of a good player is really broken, being able to burn away all players mana and dispel all their buffs

Druid can get out of any fight and never die, and is almost impossible to catch with flag even on a mount, with bear being tankier than a prot warrior.

Every class is broken in some way, that’s just the state of classic

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Felt this post. It’s so true. Classic PvP is broken as hell, but we’re all here anyway.

Most of the people complaining about specifics don’t see it from a broader perspective, always biased for their own gain. It’s very simple to see what issues need resolution from a birdseye view, and what things are simply part of the game and shouldn’t be changed, class abilities being one of those things that would seriously alter what classic is.

Edit: Premades stomping pugs is not essential to keeping the game reminiscent of what it was either. It’s a toxic situation for all parties and just removes the individual responsibility from each match. Having better balanced bgs doesn’t harm anyone at all, except those that want to abuse the system and remove the challenge. Premade vs premade is actually fun, as is pug v pug. Funny how a lot of people don’t want that.

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What wierds me out are the inconsistencies between this game and the old vanilla. Que some kinda “this is exactly the same post”, no it’s not, it’s close sure enough but there are some things that are just different. I played a lot on private servers and they played very much like I remember vanilla. For me the private servers are a lot better if you pvp even if you play with a 150 latency, it’s still better in the old real 1.12 vanilla client. Can’t say vanilla pvp is perfect, but it is actually really good in a lot of ways. TBC excluding some design oversight is a niceley upgraded vanilla wow that has better PvP and more vanilla feeling pve, well more vanilla feeling than 1.12, but 2.4 has its problems too.

Yep, I used to play vanilla servers back between 2012-2014 and they were a lot better than here. Premades were less common, and there were certain aspects of it that felt a lot more accurate to vanilla, since they were obviously on the same client.

The movement felt different with moonwalking happening and the way you stick to ledges being different, which I feel is a big part of the clunky feel that vanilla had. There were bugs, but they were less obvious than some of the ones I’ve noticed on classic, usually being less of a negative hit to gameplay, like engineering spell reflector trinkets actually working properly, and not having mobs clipped under the map and evade bugging like I’ve seen in multiple places on classic, and a rogue example, not being able to clip through mobs and backstab from the front. #nochanges, isn’t that what everyone says?

It’s surprising how little response we get from blizzard, or action there is to fix minor problems.

They should have worked with an old mangos client rather than forcing this through the legion client, it broke a lot of things.


It’s actually really annoying to me that the private servers feel and play way more like what I remember vanilla being. We are not the only people who notice it either, I have seen it posted here before by others saying the same thing. That makes me nervous for tbc, because even the private server tbc is very good, some pesky bugs exist, nothing that can’t be played around, but the game there feels just like I remember tbc. Something about the real client is just different and far better. Blizzard needs to figure it out because it’s important. I came to classic from the private servers because I was super excited for a more stable server and client, and more accurate scripting, but instead I got a different game that’s similar to vanilla in most ways but just feels strange and different.

What’s crazier is that the private servers had devs that were always trying to improve the experience to be as accurate and fun as it could be. Maybe I got spoiled by that old blizzard like interactive community, but it’s sure not here.

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From what I recall, they have the old patches archived following vanilla, meaning that it’s likely that we’ll see the real 2.0 client being used, rather than this frankenstein build of classic. It really wouldn’t surprise me if they decide to put more effort into it than they have to by trying to force it through legion+ client again, but it should be simple to just leave the old scripting as it was and try to implement Bnet into that, and hope new hardware can be the sole factor that makes it capable of supporting good populations. We’ve seen private servers capable of hitting 10k populations in TBC and Wotlk, so it should definitely be possible for Blizzard.

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What’s weird is it probably shouldn’t have anything to do with honor per hour.

Reason being is that if everyone is faced with the same restrictions, the honor income for everyone modulates equally for everyone, meaning brackets would just be adjusted for the new totals people earn when all effected by the same queue mechanisms.

So there’s literally no downside at all to attempting to force premades to fight premades and pugs to fight pugs. Brackets don’t change, matches are more fun for solo queue generally…Premade vs premade obviously isn’t that long, if you account for ‘handshaking’ or throwing to get to the next match.

I’d totally be for a queue system that worked that way.

Hit ignore on those players and hope you don’t see them again.

How many afkers do I get? Not many… how many ppl are on ignore? It’s full.

Just keep doing it. I wait about 5mins in Q but it is worth it. Purge.

name checks out

Cry all you want, but it’s true.

No, you won’t.

So, anyone with a winrate better than yours is a troll?

There’s no point. Classic pvp is a waste of time. You need to play 8-10 hours a day for close to 2 months to get any decent rewards. Maybe if the honor system wasn’t such garbage people would be willing to deal with how awful classic pvp is


I agree, so let’s move that horde AV start cave back too

In it’s current state, it’s pretty much unplayable. As a parent, I can’t no life it. I resubbed to WoW after being dormat since 2010 in hopes that Classic would be bring back that PvP I loved. I want to log in to do some battlegrounds, then log off. I can’t do that. Long queue times, premades, and being grave camped endlessly just kills it.

I do remember facing premades once in a while in Vanilla, but not to the extent it is now.

I’ve met quite a few people in the PvP scene, and I was quickly turned off by their discord. Utter trash community. The WoW community has really degraded over the years.

No fun, no payment. Waiting for some troll to slam my post. I’m a customer too, and I am allowed to share my dissatisfaction with this product.


if you’re in the 60 bracket and don’t see premades more than 50% of the time, you’re simply lying, yes. Unless your sample size is under 10, what you’re saying is literally impossible. Many people who are rank 10+ have put in hundreds of games and have nowhere near that winrate, likely hundreds of players far better than you as well.

I think the pvp experience most of actually want is in TBC. Arenas for the competitive people, and BG’s being more casual.

That’s because vanilla/classic is a “solved” game. Everyone knows that’s what you need to do to rank up. You have a very slim chance of getting past rank 6 or 7 if you solo queue. And the pvp community is very sweaty and elitist. Idk why, classic pvp doesnt take skill, it just takes extraordinary time investment and a group that doesn’t blow.

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yeh the honor system is a mess for any solo player especially alliance who dont have AV to fall back on

I really think you’re right my friend. Maybe it’s best I come back at TBC. I’ll stick my 60 in the garage until TBC.

Yeah, I’m Rank 6 89%, and even then it’s proving to be 12 hours a day of slim movement. The premade scene is making almost impossible, and the AV queues are too long. Does anyone have an idea when TBC is coming out, or is this still to To Be Determined?