Classic wow pvp

it sucks, dont queue, play real pvp games (non activision)


Sounds like you got spanked a little too hard.


yeah brother my pugs sit at gy all game every game, not very fun. havent queued in forever


Perhaps you should consider gittin’ gud.

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no i will just not play, like any logical solo q player


I solo que most of the time and still win better than half my matches.

OP is right though. So many more PVP games are out in these modern times.

Classic balance, and BGs in general, are a mess.


winrate means nothing to me. the fact players will queue to afk/sit as ghost, even in a tenth of my games shamelessly ruins it for me completely.

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Oh, you see, when you’re winning you’re not getting graveyard camped.

im not getting gy camped, im talking about pugs who insta afk/teleport to graveyard the moment the game isnt in their favor. and beg to let the enemy team cap flags etc to end the game quicker.

the defeatist attitude that exists in classic because these people only care about the gear, they ruin it for me.


I’ve never seen that.

well i play alliance and its frequent here, i cant make anyone else play better, or even play at all for that matter. and im not even talking about av.

and i know i could play in a premade but that is just dull to me since those parties just care about honor per hour, but im looking for close/fun matches where both sides are trying


like Starcraft?

ye exactly

I want BC pvp. Can’t get here fast enough.

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Right? I want them delicious PvP Vendors who sell gear for honor points. The GOOD OLD PvP days.

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Supertroll is trolling as the name implies. Statistically speaking, what he says is literally impossible, unless he’s only queues a few games in total and gotten extremely lucky. Both alliance and horde see this consistently, many times a week.


yeah i thought the situation was the same or maybe even worse for horde. since theres less alliance overall that means less pug groups to queue into and a lot of premades…

It’s anecdotal, but I face between 80-90% premades in AB/WSG. The rare instances of pug v pug games are actually pretty fun and tend to be fairly close, and it’s just a glimpse into how much better the PvP system COULD be.

Anyone saying #nochanges doesn’t enjoy competition, plain and simple. I’d like to see if any of them actually have any real PvP credentials, like high arena ratings. I’ve don’e premades, and almost have to to keep up with the honor necessary for r11+, but it’s not even fun playing as a premade vs pugs, nevermind being the victim. It’s bad game design, and anybody unaware of that is delusional and a bad player.

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should be amazing for hunter with big multishot crits and instant mana drain debuff on casters. I hate hunters so much.