Classic: Which Realm

It looks like myself, and a few other noodlers (current and ex) have decided to go Atiesh (horde).

I figured it might help to start a thread going about this in case anyone else wants to share plans.

Edit: for those not on discord, here’s the server commits as of Aug 23

Alzarius-Mankrik warrior
Mala-Mankrik Druid
Terzul-mankirk shaman
Makitor mankirk Hunter.
Kev- Fairbanks. Paladin
Wejaton-Mankirk priest firat, Kaíne-Mankirk shaman second
Denzee-Mankirk Warrior Main, alt some type of range
Redtiger-mankirk warrior
Heavyfoot-mankirk feral druid… ha! Resto
Asamaki-Mankirk warrior
Dorder - Warlock Fairbanks Alliance
Revengë - Mankrik hunter
Bakuu - Mankrik warrior
Brackish - Mankrik Druid (def feral)
Bigluva - Mankrik shaman
Moofus - Mankrik druid or Bucky Mankrik hunter
Bosack- Mankrik Shaman
Peroleum - Mankrik Warrior
Tranque - Fairbanks - alliance SCUM - Druid / Mage
Proturan - Mankrik Druid / Turan - Whitemain Warrior
Relicar - Mankrik Mage (main), Vassili - Mankrik Rogue (alt)
Kazgra - Mankirk - Warrior, Subutai - Mankirk - Mage
Kiggs - Orc Warrior - Whitemane
Dardash Hunter Mankirk / Zerosh Shaman Mankirk - Main TBD
Frod - Mankrik - Undead Rogue
Grulfruidian - Mankrik - Tauren Warrior - Again
Azgonna-mankrik - Orc hunter / Pantalmion-mankrik- Tauren Druid

Perenolde discord link

crossroads is under attack

We have a huge former perenolde horde group built up. We are rolling on mankirk. So far we are expecting 50+ people there and that number increases daily

Yeah, I made this post before I was made aware of the perenolde discord thing. I’m not sure yet if i’ll make a character on Mankrik.

Before I knew anyone was planning to roll there I rather assumed that would be the most popular pve server just based on the meme value of the name. Given the situation with realm population levels, i’m expecting you’ll be facing a queue on launch day on mankrik.

I’m back but rolled on Azuresong because most everything else was full. I’m playing Alliance again because I want to be a Paladin this time around, so I’ll probably stay on there. Just dropping in to say Hi to the old crew.