Classic Update in the Dev Insight Video

Thank you Bornakk, you’re professional as always. I very much enjoy seeing what you have to post.

No new information given, flag for trolling


CM reviewed. Not trolling.

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My understanding is that every active sub will be able to participate in the stress testing starting later today.

Indeed. But I’ve also been in the past 2 Stress Tests so I was covered no matter what.

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Wait, tens of thousands in the closed beta, and hundreds of of thousands in last stress test?
So, what will it be on launch, 12 millions?

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Just because you only think streamers are in doesn’t mean only streamers are in.

You can’t see the normal joe testing. . THey dont. . get ready for this. . stream. :slight_smile:

Please stop giving streamers more power than they have. Its your silly reactions and pitchfork pumping that gives them the power. Just ignore them and move on. Even the minions.

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“Now, we had a couple big stress test as you broke our server”


Bornakk just went Samuel Jackson at you man. Rest in pieces. Munches popcorn

A sincere thank you to Blizzard for letting us all get to participate in the Stress Tests and again raising the cap to 15. Really was the best idea possible to better incentive people whom were in prior stress tests by increasing their capability per testing period. I know a lot of people are only doing the stress test so that they can play the game. I just hope that people do what is intended and spam trying to log in if necessary and flood the zones as heavily as possible for the 3 hour span of testing.

I’d much rather take 3 hours out of my entire month and stress the servers as opposed to sitting down to play at Classic launch and having the servers explode and crash. So if you don’t want to stress test … Would you rather waste 3 hours where progress doesn’t matter and is going to be erased … Or would you rather waste 5+ hours when the game launches being unable to play while those lucky enough to make it in get ahead of you.

3 hours is well worth helping aid in a smoother launch. See you all tomorrow :slight_smile:

That many invites may have went out initially, but there are no where nearly that many players playing today in the beta.

Stormwind – 22 people
Elwynn Forest – 10 people
Westfall – 17 people
Ironforge - 3 people
Redridge Mountains - 8 people
Stranglethorn Vale - 16 people

You can see from these numbers, that thousands of people are not online.

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/who doesn’t show other layers and other realms

With 20 servers hopefully blizzard will consider putting one of them into a RP-PVP server. Just change one RP server to one RP-pvp server assuming we’ll get two RP ones.

And of course let me peddle my wares here. If you haven’t seen this

We can assume that there is only 1 layer with those low numbers. Those zones have 60 or so players. I would guess 200 players per side, which is 400 total. If a layer consists of 1000 people, that would not even get close.

That is just the PvE realm, which is smaller than the pvp realm, but the pvp realm would need to be more populated than ND to meet the claim of tens of thousands of players.

2-3 million at least.

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Can we please get 1.5 AV ?


wheee. :sparkling_heart:

cant wait this will be a crazy month.

Any word yet on if the ability to create a focus target was intentionally removed or was it an oversight?

Those AV streams cut a knife right through interest levels
Shame they lost all of the pre-1.12 data
Without Naxxramas, it’s an abysmal patch to play