Classic Transfer - Closed


I just wanted to express my disappointment in how the Free Character Transfer ended. I don’t believe I am in the minority when I say I don’t actively monitor the forums. With that, I guess it is mine and my friend groups fault for not monitoring as none of us knew this was coming to an end.

It wasn’t until yesterday that our group decided to transfer off of Stalaag to avoid the server queues. Some of us needed to clear our Mail/AH and some weren’t able to log on and transfer until today. Due to this we are now split with some members just considering being done playing until the queues are no longer 1hr+.

With me now needing to reroll on Stalaag again just so I can play with my brother I just have one request from Blizzard. When doing something as big as free character migration, please have some sort of message available in game or in queue stating the deadline. That would help groups come to their decisions regarding transferring or not.

I very much appreciate that the character migration was added, I just believe the majority of players are and will continue to be caught off guard today and the rest of the week.



Pool’s Closed

(Monsterskill) #3

It’s pretty ridiculous that they didn’t even have a notification about that.


You act like that’s going to be the last transfer ever.


it showed up in game for you - you seriously think it was going to be permanent ?

The obligation is on you to do a little research. There was plenty enough time to get this done, i.e. mail/ah don’t take a week to clear out.

You had a week and note what it said at the bottom. And they didn’t know how long they were going to have it open because it depended on when people transferred and how many.


I wish I was paying more attention to the deadline as I only just convinced my mates to move yesterday and as I login tonight I see the option is gone.

Hopefully it comes back because the Q is still over an hour on a Tuesday night?


There was a message in the queue notification. Did you assume it would last indefinitely? Did not one person in your guild think to find out more about the free transfers?


Dude the transfer was available for over a week.

it’s no ones fault but yourself to wait this long to transfer.


Anyone with any critical thinking skills would have saw the migration pop up during their queue and assumed it would be made available whenever a queue was in effect. Give me a break with this nonsense people should assume a time limit.

Let me guess you also expect players to monitor blizzards Twitter as well since they pick and choose multiple ways to notify players of changes.


They did. The dates were clearly posted in the server transfer thread.


Since it was a pop-up during the queue waiting time that has now gone away, they could have easily inserted a bit of text in the dialogue that explained the looming expiry date.


These things don’t go together.

Come on man. Blizzard charges you to change your btag name. They arent known for freebies.


Imagine not knowing how an assumption is formed. Just lol


By reading. And past experience.

(Oniana) #15

Sorry but I disagree with the notion “people should have known”. People don’t spend their day combing the multiple channels blizzard decides to communicate through.

It would have been nice if they had used one of them to say hey, in x hours it will close. Even without that acting like it was poor planning on players part is ignorant. Call it bad timing and better luck next time, but the people in here spouting this dudebro crap is why people say classic community is filth.


The only type of player that I would have sympathy for are those that play Warlocks because them pets. Everyone else…reroll it’s not like 2 or 3 weeks of lost progression will outweigh the many years this game will be active for.


You had over a week!!! OVER A WEEK. Wtf are you talking about man. Stop making excuses for your procrastination and poor planning

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Nice try but it doesn’t apply to me, get out of here with your ad hom garbage. Knew you guys would reply with “YOU YOU YOU”. It’s not about me, it’s more garbage communication from blizzard and more of the “community” acting crappy to itself. I am not looking to transfer.

Thanks for proving my point.


If you are interested in a thing (like free transfers), then the idea is that you take action on educating yourself about the specific details pertaining to that thing.

In this case a company was offering a service they usually charge for, free.

If you didnt take the time to find out more and are now complaining because you missed out, I dont know what else to say.

Tough luck man.

(Oniana) #20

Like I said above, it doesn’t apply to me, but thanks for continuing the lazy trend of wow forum posters who assume anyone who doesn’t think blizzard handles things well is directly being harmed by said mishandling.

I am not looking to transfer, blizzard sucks at communication, but the so called community sucks even more for the way they jump on people for not scouring the depths of blizzard communications for details that likely don’t even exist.