Classic Servers Outrageous Wait Times

Really getting irritated with the classic server situation… i dont have a ton of time to play and everytime i try to log on to my server after work its always a 200 minute wait time. I dont want to quit classic already but i dont have the spare time to wait 200 minutes and restarting 20 hours on a fresh character feels like a huge waste to me. What options are available for people in my situation. Cut my losses and quit wow, free character transfer to a low pop server, wait until everyone else already gets to 60 and the populations thin out??? Either way the frustration is unreal and a solution needs to be found.

There is no transfer system for Classic.

They just made some changes today to increase server capacity and are continuing to monitor it.

Either choose to reroll on a lower pop server or wait it out to see if queue times lower.

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I’m out of town right now on hotel wifi, i had been playing for 5 hours, when randomly the hotel wifi cuts out… by the time it comes back up and i get back on about 5 to 10 minutes later … 5,000 people in que… and now i have to wait an hour and a half to two hours… its getting ridiculous, and im finding it hard to believe a solution is neither coming or being worked on. Blizzard enjoys watching us squirm.

I haven’t had a Q since the first day on the server I play on.