Classic Servers getting free character transfers, but where is mine from a DEAD realm on retail?

Like the topic says, why are these players being given free transfers, while I’m forced to pay because my realm died without any fault of my own. It’s not like I chose this dying realm like they chose full servers, why am I the one forced to suffer?


Shows you where their priorities are.


Scratch that-- I found it.

Well how about that-- Really didn’t think they’d do it. :rainbow:

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They’re trying to get players off fully populated realms. You want the opposite.


Blizzard have only ever offered free transfers if the realm is massively overpopulated. Never if the realm is dead.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on retail or not, if your server is a ghost town, you gotta pay up to leave.


Probably because classic is new, and as expected, is having rapid drop off, and current has region wide lfg. That said, i would love to see more connected realms and maybe some free realm changes for current.


I’d like to see more connected realms as well-- We’re kinda over due for those.


Classic isn’t getting free transfers because it’s having a drop-off, it’s getting free transfers because they’re still getting multi-thousand people queues.


Well everyone is playing classic…so it makes sense.


Classic has many more players than Retail. If you try to log into some servers you are waiting in line with 10k to 15k people. That’s a lot of people. They really should use the success of Classic as a reason to change Retail for the better. Nobody wants to abandon Retail they want it to be better. Right now Retail is like a single-player game designed to be played from your phone it seems sometimes.


It would be nice to have a server squish sooner rather than later; here’s to hoping 9.0 brings one

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By remaining on a dead server, you ARE making a choice.

You should transfer your Main off to a more populated realm and choose whether or not to wait for “free transfers” for any alts, tho’ you may end up waiting a long time - discounts on Blizzard services don’t come around often.

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This isn’t true.


Generally they open free transfers to new/dying realms, not from them.


Yeah i’m pretty shocked by this also

$$$ is the priority. Logons for just the classic character name reservation day were over 2x higher than BFA’s release.


free transfers away from quieter realms wont solve anything. They will only ever offer transfers away from full realms in order to improve queue times and they will do it only on the super popular realms. Its only a week after classic hit. You wont see the drop off for a couple months, its the same with an expansion launch. Its a shiney refurbished toy. Don’t get excited thinking it will kill retail, theres still plenty of people playing BFA, the servers are just at different capacities. Its like with any game, youl get some that will keep playing, some that will play more casual and others that will quit. Its nothing new.

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Blizzard doesn’t like admitting a realm is dead and giving up on it by encouraging folks to leave it.

On the other hand, when business is too good and a realm is so overcrowded that people are stuck in insane queues to log in, Blizzard has a vested interest in getting them to a low pop realm for a population boost.

With your issue, they’re giving up on your realm. With the classic issue, they’re killing two birds with one stone, making both realms better.


Perhaps it is coming?

They really need to consolidate the servers. I know they don’t want to admit that their player base has shrunk over the years, but it is a quality of life thing at this point.

Either that or let use give gold to people on other servers so I can keep forming alt guilds.

Some of the servers have 10,000+ queues still. It isn’t an issue of there being no one to play with on those realms - It is a matter of the server is full to the brim and people can’t get in to actually use something they pay to access.