<Classic> seeking more raiders (and casuals)

“Classic” was the second guild created on Bloodsail (Alliance) the day it launched. We are a Social Raid guild, and have been striving since the day the server first launched to fill our Raid roster enough to do all-guild raids. We have, since early November 2019, achieved this goal, and with YOUR help we will continue to do so!

“Classic” is a social guild in the sense that our emphasis is on relationships, not just loot. We value our members of all levels, regardless of whether or not they choose to Raid (though Raiding is an intergral part of our guild’s goals). We run guild groups every day. We don’t let a Mage be level 60 and not have his Dire Maul water. We don’t let the Warrior sit around unable to do his Class quest. We want everyone attuned, everyone keyed, everyone chasing their BiS or at least chasing around chickens on their gnome alt (whatever works, shorty). We want to have Ony and MC on farm status before BWL opens. We want to wear out our mikes chatting on Discord–and we do have a helluva good guild Discord.

We welcome all interested Raiders to contact us, with a huge special emphasis on Druids, Warlocks, and Shadow Priests (okay Priests period, we’re all rather pious).

Currently, we typically do MC on Wednsday and Friday nights at 8 pm server time , and Onyxia “on cooldown”, meaning her raid day changes and some weeks we get to do her twice (she’s just a big scaly loot pinata, don’t sweat it).

Look. You came here to play Classic, right? Why not do so with the Guild Tag floating above your head that says it all, that embodies the entire reason you’re here?


Come be a part of “Classic” today! Our core members consist of people who played during Vanilla and lived to tell about it! Help fill our raid roster simply by showing up to Raid! (it really is that easy, try it). Join a fun-loving bunch of players who watch each other’s backs, type in guild chat, talk on Discord, and strive to leave no dungeon untouched!

For more information, or to discuss an Invite, contact:


OR just do /who Classic, find any member, and ask them for assistance! (we’re a helpful bunch).

We look forward to hearing from you soon, Alliance Buccaneers! ;D

What time do you schedule raids?

Only recently, within the past few weeks as I add this Edit, have we achieved and maintained all-guild status on our MC and Ony raids (looks like our days of ever asking for pugs are officially over!) We have an active Discord, and one of its many chat channels is a Raid Events channel. We post when the next raids are, complete with one-click signup. We also mention raids in the Guild Message of the Day.

Currently we do MC Wednesdays and Fridays ay 8 pm server, with Ony now just once a week on Sunday at 8 pm server.

It’s a great time to join “Classic” and get in on the ground floor, as we continue to build our raid teams! See our opening post for a list of names you can contact in-game for more info, or just do /who Classic and enlist help in tracking one of us down! We look forward to hearing from everyone! :slight_smile:

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Any room in raids for a healing priest (my wife) and prot tank (me)? We are looking for a raid guild

Prot warrior and healy priest? ;D

You bet!

Check the list of names in the opening post for people you can contact ingame for more information and / or an invite.

I’ll be back on tomorrow and try to find your character ingame, too! :slight_smile:

Do you have raid times and days locked down yet? How many members are you?

Wanted to share to those interested in joining:

My wife and I joined the guild a little while back. We have found our time with the guild super enjoyable. The people are so personable, friendly and helpful. :wink:

We have quested, dungeoned and raided with them.

For those asking about raid specifics, we currently run Onyxia on Sundays, and Molten Core on Wednesday and Friday. The guild goes into them with only Guild Members, but are not maxed at a full 40m and have room to add more. Please reach out to one of the officers in the initial post for more specific details on raids!

“Classic” is indeed doing Molten Core regularly on Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 PM server time.

We finally settled on just once a week for Onyxia, Sunday at 8 pm server time. We got tired of changing days around due to the weird reset schedule. Made it too hard for members to attend regularly.

We are still very much in need of Priests (Shadow especially), Resto Druids, and Warlocks for our Core Raid Team. ALL classes are welcome to join though (though Mages and Hunters are less likely atm to get a raid slot), we haven’t yet had exactly 40 total for MC and on any given week there’s a always a few people that can’t make it due to RL events. So the more, the merrier!

Again, we’re a friendly and helpful guild. We don’t have a GM-Officer clique, either. Officers in “Classic” are chosen solely on merit. They have duties and responsibilities, not the usual “I’m the GM’s buddy, kiss up to me and don’t mess wif me.” Officers are there to HELP. They help with key runs, raid attunements, major quests and vital BiS runs. No Mage hits 60 without instantly being shuttled over to DM east to get their good water. We refuse to be a zerg guild… :wink:

We have done some very odd things as a guild i can say that. It has been a great run I hope that more are looking to do things with us.

Hello, Buccaneers! “Classic” continues raiding Molten Core Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning at 8 pm server time. We down Ragnaros each week, regular as clockwork. We raid Onyxia “on cooldown” basically, meaning any week we can down her twice we do so. No set days on her, we just roll with the punches according to her resets and down her every time, smooth as a baby gnome’s bottom!

We are always seeking new raiders and non-raiders both to join our ranks! We’re a great “social” guild with an active Discord and regular guild groups of all kinds!

ATM raid slots for Mages and Hunters are a bit scarce, but just being around on raid nights means you’re bound to get in sometimes, cuz you know, “real life happens.”

Blackwing Lair progression is on our to-do list and will be implemented asap. NON RAIDERS, alts, people just leveling and living the glorious Casual lifestyle are especially welcome in “Classic.” You guys help add life and laughter to all the hours and days we’re NOT inside Molten Core, or some other raid dungeon. You’re the wind beneath our wings, and we invite you to proudly put that “Classic” title above your name as you explore and exist in Azeroth.

To join us, contact:


OR just contact any member for assistance!

–the entire gang over at “Classic”

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Great group of people. Very helpful with an awesome discord. Classic is an exemplar of the strong support structure a guild should be. Come see for yourself and lets explore all this game has to offer!

Hey are you guys still hiring? lol I’m an older player and I didn’t think I was going to want to pursue Classic but as I came into this realms forum this guild kinda called out. I have I believe a level 10 here on this realm and was wondering if I’d be welcome to join your guild as I level? I was thinking i’d keep leveling my dwarf hunter I made here which is what I made back in BC and still main in retail wow. Anyway, I won’t blab anymore… if I can join I’d like to and i’ll be on tomorrow afternoon eastern… thanks!

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Sorry I posted with that ugly Orc photo LOL I am alliance to the core. That guy up there I made to help a friend lolol.

Hi again, Buccaneers! Or should I say… Ahoy!

“Classic” is still one-shotting all of Molten Core on Wednesday nights beginning at 8 pm server time, doing Onyxia on cooldown (days vary, times usually still at or near 8 pm server), and working on Blackwing Lair Friday nights beginning at 8 pm server time.

We’re acutely interested at this time in recruiting more NON raiders, alts, casuals etc to help keep guild groups lively and frequent–even on non-raid days!

Interested raiders are also invited to join us. You may not get a regular spot in MC each week, but Blackwing Lair’s Friday night schedule isn’t working for some of our regular Wednesday night raiders, so you’re actually more likely to get a slot THERE atm.

To discuss an invite (there is no app to fill out, we’re not trying to become your employer, thanks), just contact IN GAME:


OR just do /who Classic and ask any member to help you find an Officer. =)

Hoping to hear from you soon,

The Gang over at “Classic”

If you’re looking for a guild to progress with and get to know along the way, this is a great one! We are still active and are still making our way through Blackwing Lair!

Are you still recruiting by chance? I started here when Classic opened, but had to take an extended break and i’m looking to get started again. I’ll just mostly be leveling with potential raiding down the road when i’m ready.

Yes we are! We’ll try to get you an invite soon if you’re online! Or just /who Classic and check you’re messaging someone from [Classic] not [ClassicHC] and ask if there’s someone online who can invite.

If you want a place to call home, and to have friends become family. This is the guild for you.

We continue beating on Nef each week. He is looking more bruised and battered each time! Molten Chore and Ony are still both firmly LOLfarm status. If we ever get a full 40 for BWL Nef is going DOWN, baby! No doubt about it.

Current BWL raid wish list: A shadow priest. Maybe just another priest period. Another dps warrior or two.

Still a great guild to join if you love to socialize, hang out, run dungeons,and yes RAID! Give us a holler, dear reader!

why would someone create a wow account and think mmmm I want to play a character that resembles the real world in a fantasy game…ill play alliance…