Classic PvP Content Plan

Yeah your probably right.

Firstly, I’m assuming you are the same gnome.

Secondly, he’s making the point that there are no negative consequences to butchering whole zones, until Phase 2. Sure, there’s no Honor Gain either, but butchering whole zones is its own reward.

I am not Cubic, for the record.

And I think we are all of the same understanding that DHK serve no purpose in phase 1. I am trying to ascertain why Bornakk seems to suggest that they do… and therefore there is some added benefit that they will not exist.

Methinks this was simply pandering to the ‘No DHK’ crowd. But welcome another reading of it.

I think you are parsing the statement too vigorously. I believe he was just telling us that Phase 1 will be wide open for wPVP - no honor, no dishonor, no rules, if you are so inclined ‘if it’s red it’s dead.’

That’s my opinion.


Phase 1 is no honor system at ALL.

Phase 2 will include the 1.4 and 1.5 honor system.

That was the goal of what was written. :slight_smile:


And they said we wouldn’t get a blue post today. :smiley:




Bornakk goes in for the assist! And its a slam dunk!


Bornakk must have been the original creator of the Carrot on a Stick.


I liked the blue post, but your post was so funny I had to like yours too.


Thanks for the clarification, Bornakk, and thanks for the reading, Eaglesgift. :bulb: :open_book: :exploding_head:

I always lovingly called it sandlol. In fact I created a character named Sandlol, and it was promptly renamed by the staff who saw no humor in it.

You have a total of 3 BGs and decided to release one in the most broken state possible. Well done…

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Hello I have a question about classic world pvp. I watch asmongold on twitch and when he makes these huge world battles the servers lag or the area hes in is super laggy. but when you watch some of these old world pvp videos these huges battles dont seem to be lagging at all? will the classic servers be able to hold up to the stress of these world battles.

Likely the modern architecture using sharding and CRZ only allocates a far smaller cap of resources to a given zone. I imagine Classic will require far more.

I always wonder what happens if you were to attempt a 400 player attack on an RP server major city. Since they are intentionally not CRZ’d.

Ya know what, I wonder how much of that concern drove Ion’s goofy statement that RP/PVP was a niche demand? He may want to avoid having to exhibit the new architecture in such a naked way. Makes me nervous that the threshold to initiate sharding might be far lower than anyone is going to want to see.

Large scale PVP could still occur, but likely without as much fervor as on a PVP realm.

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I very much doubt he was thinking “We need to make sure this strong PVP RP situation need to be squashed”.

I was more thinking it would actually be smoother.

I suspect he might have been thinking - ‘hmmm RP realms don’t shard, maybe we should discourage PVP there?’

If this forum microcosm is any indicator - RP/PVP would be quite popular.

These virtual servers and cloud enabled processes might not have the brute punch of the old hardware dedicated servers.