Classic Ninja Looting & Loot Sharing


There’s a sticky in the Classic Discussion about Loot Sharing. I was wondering if something could be clarified on Blizzard’s current scam and item transfer policy for World of Warcraft. I’m not necessarily looking for a rule lawyer answer. This is merely a returning player trying to figure things out.

Q: Do GM’s handle Ninja looting incidents still in raids with clearly defined loot rules?

I am specifically referencing an obsolete article:

I just want to clarify if this is all taken care by the current Loot Sharing policy by Blizzard so that Classic players can police their own gameplay, or if bringing back master loot is going to offer us a policy like this back.

My current impression is that Loot Sharing is it. Don’t join a raid you don’t trust. In regards to loot. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you get got.


There’s no such thing as ninja looting. If you can roll on it, you can win.

Period. Been this way for years


I’m sorry, Zisifar, we wouldn’t be able to answer anything on what potential policies may or may not be in place on Classic realms.

I wouldn’t even want to hazard a guess at this stage, given the amount of conjecture that will likely take place on anything I say. We’ll likely know more as we get closer to Classic release.


Thanks feel free to lock the thread. While I do think that Kaivax clarification is basically on point for this. I sort’ve interpreted his statements to mean that GM’s will not handle item trades at all. I recently ended up in a discussion where Blizzard’s scam trade policy came up and thought of this question.

Blizzard’s current Trade Scam’s Policy

Time to wait and see.

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It can’t happen in the Live game atm. Dungeons and raids are Personal Loot.

In Classic, GMs are not going to handle any loot redistribution. It is all going to be 2-hour trading window. There was a post on it recently.


My original question almost would’ve been better split into parts, but I didn’t want ask a bunch of questions. I kind of expected Vrakthris’ reply and I completely understand it. There’s just a lot of uncertainty for Classic right now.

My thought process went like this. Blizzard is going to have loot sharing only to deal with items that are incorrectly distributed in raids. I’ve seen posts that are claiming Blizzard is using this policy to cut down on GM’s and basically are claiming there will be barely any GM support for Classic. I then got into a discussion about professions and remembered that Blizzard had a Trade Scam protection policy all the way back then that extends to now. It resulted in me wondering if there would be GM assistance for Trade Scams because they deal with item transfers, but the sticky kind of indicates that they don’t.

I get that one is a scam policy, but it made me remember that ninja looting policy that is obsolete so I asked for clarification.

EDIT: So I suppose it’s these questions.

  1. Is there going to be GM support for Classic?
  2. Is the retail Trade Scam policy going to apply for Classic?
  3. Is Ninja Looting considered a scam or does it fall under the loot sharing policy?

I can’t imagine Blizzard releasing Classic without GM support, and CoC guidelines etc. It’s almost redundant to ask, but Classic Discussion is a crazy animal.

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It was answered in the post I linked.

AFAIK yes.

Most likely.

Technically, there is no such thing as Ninja Looting in WoW. Ninja Looting was in other games where one person killed something and someone not involved with the kill looted the corpse. That is not possible in WoW.

In raid/dungeon groups, if there are good loot rules entered in game chat (MS>OS is not good loot rules) then the scam policy does apply. As per the scam policy, loot will not be returned or redistributed.

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Yes of course, despite what some malcontents are saying.

Most likely

Kaivax made it quite clear it a player problem the players need to deal with.


In all my replies I have indicated that I have read this.

In Vanilla it used to be that loot dropped from chests such as the DM:North Tribute and Major Domo did not open a prompt for rolling. It was possible in these systems to ninja loot by circumventing the loot system and taking the items. It’s also a very common term used.

Rufflebottom actually spelled out the major issue I’m trying to clarify. I guess I’ve been missing the mark this whole time.

Is there an article or a current blue post about this? This would actually answer a lot if it exists.

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Not a current one no. But it came up often enough that those of us who have been posting here for many years are well versed in the topic.

And while I’ll agree that the term ninja-looting has likely changed in that time, not much else about it has. Even back then people would try to spell out rules like main-spec is > off spec. So I main a Monk…what’s my main spec? The one I came in with? The one I had to change to when another player left and we were short a tank/healer/dps?

Blizzard’s system never tracked what spec a player joined a raid as back then, so even those sorts of player-made rules didn’t hold up.

You can search through lots of old posts on the old forum and see though.

And in the years I’ve posted, the only time I can recall Blizz stepping in to remove an item (not re-assign it, just remove it) was when a raid leader would say that a mount was free to roll on by everyone, then they’d take it and log off with it. I saw no other examples that I can recall from back then.

But at the end of the day, you’re best to keep the conversation going in the Classic forums and see if and/or what, changes are going to be made to looting between now and launch.


This was rectified shortly before Naxxramas was released.

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Any protections from ninja looting that weren’t in Classic will not be in the Classic servers. Part of the recreation of Classic is the many flaws and problems the game had at the time.

As for currently, on live, “ninja looting” by any definition (player, Blizzard, anyone) is impossible. All loot is personal loot now, so it’s all on an individual level.