Classic needs PTR Servers

Right now Blizzard has no way to put potential changes out for the player base to see and test prior to implementation. I think as Classic matures this could be an issue.

Therefore I think that Classic should have several PTR servers stood up so we can at least see changes, fixes, or updates BEFORE they just throw them on us in the production servers.

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That is not your choice to make, it’s Blizzards. They have already made changes and I for one do not want any more changes without a PTR to see them first.


What’s the point of adding Classic PTRs? No new content is gonna be added. Seeing how things worked on retail, players don’t report or help with bug testing on Retail PTRs. It’s kinda pointless to waste resources on it.

No need for a PTR everything is here: WoW Classic 1.13.3 Patch Notes

Now if you want to practice BWL, AQ, ZG, and/or Naxx before they go live in classic, pretty much how most people have been using the PTR for the past five+ years, you can do that in retail and have a decent idea as to how the fights go.

I’d love a PTR. Test all of the content before it is released and make sure it is accurate to vanilla.

And if there are changes, give feedback saying “Hey, this is bugged and isn’t accurate to vanilla.”

Edit: Then that feedback gets ignored because it’s Blizzard, and 7 weeks into BWL, one of the boss mechanics gets changed or some nonsense.


That’s my thoughts too. We all know that Classic is not Vanilla but a recreation of Vanilla using the new client. So bugs, issues or mechanics could be off in some way making the content not act like it did in Vanilla. Having a PTR gives up the chance to see it before they officially release it in production.

Guessing you’re out of the loop on Blizzard and “Quality”, they have PTR for Modern wow but review ZERO quantity of the feedback and the game goes live with effectively zero bug fixes…

As a result the “live server” is the PTR or BETA, whatever you want to call it.


This. Blizz ignored countless feedback before layering went live. They were told. It’s abusable. Did they listen? Yea. Was it 2 months or 3 after the game went live they added a cooldown to layer hopping.
Dig up the Beta For Azeroth test forums OP. Tell me how much ot that feedback did blizz listen to OP? None.
Don’t waste our time. Most of us are on our way down the hill. Lol.

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They had months of beta and ignored most of the feedback they received. What do you imagine a PTR would do?


Implying they have the ability to set up a PTR server when they can’t solve basic bugs within a month

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Classic is 15 years old, if it has not matured by now, it never will.

Classic is 5 months old :joy: not 15 lol


So, do you think Blizzard would have listened to feedback before implementing the recent AV changes if there had been PTR servers?

I think as Classic matures, particularly as the remaining phases are released, the need for any changes will reduce to zero.

In fact, PvP has always been the most absurdly contentious area. There has never ever in the entire life of WOW been a point where every player doing PvP was happy with either how it was before a change or how it was after a change. PTR servers would not change that.

PvE? There aren’t going to be changes that need in-depth testing. At most we’ll see “oops, didn’t catch that, we’ve fixed it to match the reference server”.

Really now?
And WoW 1.12 Drums of War just materialized out of thin air?

Pretty sure i played this, 15 years ago.

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Classic is NOT the Vanilla code, they reverse engineered Vanilla to make Classic. This is because they either lost the original code, it was not available, or was too modified from all the patches and expansions that it was not usable. Also Classic is running the 8.x client.

Blizzard did not just go and dust off the Vanilla version of the game and throw it on some servers. It was a ground up recreation of Vanilla, but it was based on new code designed to support the 8.x client, run on new database schemas, new authentication systems and even newer hardware and operating systems.

So yes, as it matures is a valid statement.

Folks really need to stop thinking this is Vanilla, it is Classic and if you put the two side by side and looked at the code, they would not be the same.

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They compiled AND ran, in house 1.12, in legacy client and server.
They did this 1st, before beginning the project of getting it to run in the modern environment.

And i could have told them the legacy stuff would hate their PC’s
WoW 1.1 off the cd wont even start on my PC at all LOL

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What is the point of this, when classic is in its whole ideology is to be as close to vanilla as possible.


got me boss

And if you read further you will see that that was not going to work, so they then ran the newer code base on the old dataset, which still had issues, so they had to take the old dataset and transform it into the dataset the new code uses and redevelope the new code so that it acted like Vanilla.

So my statement is CORRECT, this is not the Vanilla code, but is instead the new code redesigned to act like Vanilla.

You really should read a whole article and not just the headline and think you know everything.

As someone who has 10+ years of C, java and Python coding experience trust me when I say, Classic is NOT the Vanilla code.

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