Classic is where the real Battle for Azeroth will be

Watched the multi-raid WPvP on beta stream today without the laggy soup that plagues retail. It was beautiful!

My big concern with using the retail foundation for Classic has been alleviated. Praise spell batching! Good job, Blue!


I’m genuinely interested in whether or not lag will actually be a thing once it goes live.

It’s all just built up on the base 8.0 framework, then modified to fit the Classic game model. I can’t see how performance would really change, honestly, because it’s not actually using an older lag-free client.

I guess we’ll see during the stress tests.

The way spell batching works is how it’s lag-free.


no phasing hundreds of people pvping it was great.if they were on bfa they would have all sharded,lagged out and crashed the server…lmao.


I thought there was an interview where the devs were saying that you wont get the lag-fests you see on BFA because of how simplistic all the animations and spell effects are. Would have to take some time to find the source though.

Makes sense.

I think its because of how large retail has gotten and how much they try to stick into it.

With so much LESS in the game being a fraction of the total size of the totality of all the expansions it would make sense that it runs so much smoother on todays framework than how we remember

A lag-free AQ opening event, without any of this layering business, with thousands of players there - would truly be a sight to behold and make MMO history.

It’s been 13 years, with all the advances in hardware and software - I urge Blizz to rise up to the challenge!


My retail folder is 61g and that includes a few addons and screenies. How large is the classic download? 10? 20?

Not just the spell animations, but the calculations too. Abilities in retail require complex calculations to work out each effect, which puts more strain on the servers compared to the simple calculations in Classic. Also, without spell batching, the server tick rates are stupidly high on retail, so that it acts like a twitch shooter for arena. This tanks performance too

Since there is no layering/sharding for AQ, I believe Blizzard admitted that the AQ opening event will be a challenge.

Agreed… it would be nice if they somehow figure this out to make that event lag free. I missed he event on my server back in the day.