Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!


Very informative post thank you for that… Regarding the fact that focus should have been in vanilla I had no idea… Very educational lol.

And yes multistrike was an awesome stat to have when you were able to afford it on gear because you were capped on everything else… Too bad they got rid of it when Legion came around and instead replaced it with versatility… Most garbage stat I’ve ever seen in the entirety of WoW. And yes WoD had it too… But at least we could offset/replace it with other stats better… Now not so much


Classic+ let’s go!

I want everything EXCEPT flying. Please keep flying out of Classic. Everything else, PUT IT IN! Cash shop, transmog, new raids, new graphics, bring it on!!!

(Kelgar) #660

no classic wow is dead as soon as you classic you want classic wow to die?

there will be a tbc expansion if you like it or not.


This is exactly what I’m talking about regarding the Classic+ people… As I said many of them want retail features. I rest my case on this debate


I dont see the point of this thread…If you dont like TBC, just dont play it. It’s not like Blizzard is going to charge people extra money for it.

Instead of saying “let’s not have TBC server like ever,” how about think of those who actually miss TBC and want to play TBC…

Bottom line is if you dont like it, dont play it. That rule applies to almost all games, but dont try to take away something other people enjoy.


Thank you yet another player that actually has some sense…I must say however that you’re wasting your breath when talking to the Classic+ people… Many of them want it to replace the expansions completely


What do you mean? The Cowboys try to do it every year


So you want the wow community split up into retail, classic, bc , and wotlk servers? Do u know how dumb that is


Just go back to Retail. Good God, leave Classic alone.


Nothing killed WoW since WoW is still alive to this day. Sure it’s less popular than before but that’s mostly due to how old it is and the change in costumer preference. Subscription based MMOs are almost non existent now days and it doesn’t appeal to new audiences.

Like King Terenas said to Arthas “No king rules forever”.


I’m leveling pretty casually (Still only 38), but plan to get it to 60 pretty much just to play BC if it releases.

I’ve been a raider, but I couldn’t care less about vanilla raids.

Also if anyone actually remembers BC, there was tons of world PVP even with flying. Plus if people flock back to BC-Classic like they did with vanilla-classic there will be many people to PVP with and against.


The only problem I have with that is the Classic community will be fragmented.


only one way to find out ;o


That’s what they said in the Wall of No too but yet here we are… The argument about splitting up the player base is a very weak one considering the fact that we can all stay in contact using battlenet between different servers. it’s not that difficult to whisper somebody playing a different version of the game to ask them for their help in a dungeon or an elite group quest…everyone will be able to swap back and forth whenever they feel like it…how is this a bad thing??


It would be split 4 ways that is just stupid. Being split 2 ways is one thing, but 4? Now you really sound dumb.


I think he is trying to say that he does not want to see people split up in different servers and that he worries that there might be less people actively playing a particular version of WOW being Vanilla, TBC or WoLK.

Personally, I dont see it as a issue. It is a bit weird to tell someone who wants to play TBC and WoLK that you cant play your favorite version of the game because I want to have everyone lumped together in a spot so I feel that there are more people playing the same version of the game as I do…


Apparently you need to relearn how to count. Classic retail and Classic+ makes three. And I’m the dumb one??? Okay :roll_eyes:


And that’s exactly what it is… All these people that are in favor of Classic+ don’t want the expansions because they know that they were much more popular than vanilla was. They view it as a threat because it will drastically lower the player population on Classic once the expansions come out… Yes there will be some vanilla diehards that will stay put… But anyone who believes that the vanilla fans outnumber everyone else who wants the expansions is woefully ignorant… The appeal of flying without Pathfinder is far too great… Everything else that TBC came with is just gravy for me


never in a million years


if classic+ happens it would be classic+ and retail, thats it.