Classic + is the only way, doing TBC and onward would be horrible!

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It’d be really interesting to see how people make Class choices with that in mind, given there would be far bigger fluctuations in balance and strength with progressive patching.

I also feel like there’s a lot less documentation on classes for those different patch cycles (at least that I could find), which would make it far less of a “solved” game than Classic. That’s exciting.


Very true…lots of people rerolled classes many times over the course of the game and patch releases…FOTM was definitely a thing until class homogenization took hold in late Wrath and onward…even then some classes were still just a bit more powerful than the others


if you dont want classic plus you must be some tbc or wotlk enthusiast. just come out and say it already. you seem mad over this.


Slaughtering the humans of Hillsbrad is a far better way of building my character. :wink:


people who PVE want these expansions… lol

cant imagine thinking the only thing you want added is better raiding systems and not all out world war pvp.


That is a generalization. You have no way of knowing that EVERYONE wants no changes.

Not true. I’m in favor of changes and I wanted Classic back. I just want changes in the spirit of Classic.

The current devs would have to make it or else it cannot happen at all. But if the playerbase votes on new features even they cannot mess it up.


I agree. Classic+ sounds really refreshing. I have no interest in playing BC or Wrath again. I loved Wrath, but I’m not in to the systems it brought with it.


If I want to PvP, there’s Tarren Mill vs Southshore, raiding Stormwind, or battlegrounds. If I choose to PvP, there’s options. But I can’t bring myself to care about gankers whining about not being able to target people.


Bro, I didn’t even bother reading your whole post. WTH are you talking about? Do you know why all that stuff was added later on? It’s a project they’ve been working on. They have grand ideas they never thought about and ideas they learned from addons. Who are you to tell them what they can’t do to a multi billion dollar game?

You sound like someone that lives in his mothers basement, doesn’t work or have a life. Some of us have lives. I don’t have time to sit and wait for a group to form as a DPS. I want to do a dungeon without the wait. WOW died when Cata was released. The trilogy of Vanilla+TBC+WOTLK did just fine. To say WOTLK was the worst expansion shows you know nothing about this game. What they need to work on the small stuff. Keep the game the way it is and we all…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz game over classic is over.


Then… and here’s a thought to rattle around in the emptiness… Classic isn’t your game. You already have Retail, and it works off the same sub. Off you go.


Classic+ can add onto that as well, that’s all a part of horizontal progression. Let’s see them flesh out Azshara Crater as a new epic BG.


I’ve admitted to this multiple times where have you been??? Yes I want TBC and Wrath… And yes I want them on separate servers… Classic needs to stay Classic. Any other options here like progressive servers for example are just going to piss a bunch of people off, and then they will quit and go back to private servers. Classic+ and the proposed OSRS voting system is garbage and I have stated why far too many times than I care to count


Then my original statement is still correct because you fall into the Classic+ category. Thank you for providing evidence to this



No it isn’t correct. Your specific statement said “Classic+ people who want retail features added”


Take a look around at some of the other Classic+ threads dude… I have seen comments posted by several people who want Classic+ to also have retail QoL features.

Any proposed changes to Classic at all… Whether its retail features or otherwise, falls into the Classic+ category… You cannot convince me otherwise


Specific things about WoD were better IMO, for example I found Hunters much more fun to play in WoD v.s. WotLK (WotLK Hunters were great but there were a lot of changes between then and WoD that I really liked). But you are right that in general WotLK was better.


Are you kidding me??? Lock and load with explosive shot was awesome for burst DPS on a hunter in Wrath… Not to mention that it interrupted casters also…Name one thing that even comes close in WoD


Lock and Load with Explosive Shot existed in WoD, too, you know. It was the last expac that had it unfortunately.

By “interrupting casters” are you referring to TNT? It was fun but obviously a pretty overpowered talent, and I wasn’t having a significant amount less fun playing SV in WoD due to not having TnT. Also before WoD those casters could dispel our Explosive Shot, Serpent Sting, and Black Arrow whereas WoD actually had some dispel protections… SV was actually one of the strongest any Hunter spec has even been in rated PvP during WoD.


Yes TNT is what I was referring to… But see by the time WoD came around, Lock and load was nerfed to only trigger on Black arrow dmg. That particular talent was nerfed into the ground and not worth taking anymore afterwards. What you had to say about WoD talents however does have merit

Guaranteed I will be rolling a hunter if Wrath comes around again and we actually get progressive patches…that was so much fun to play back then


The stun on TNT actually didn’t make it through WotLK, even, let alone WoD.

Yes, Lock and Load no longer triggered on freezing traps as of WoD which was a shame, but they did make it have bad luck protection with Black Arrow; you were guaranteed to get at least 1 proc per Black Arrow and the chance of procs scaled with Multistrike. This was pretty good since in WoD Black Arrow’s CD reset when it was dispelled. Not as good as guaranteed procs from freezing trap IMO (which also played into the theme of the spec really well) but evidently it didn’t hurt SV Hunters too much since they were gods in rated PvP even as they got canned in PvE after 6.2.

God I miss the spec so much.

But the primary thing I like about Hunters post-WotLK is Focus. I think it made the class much more dynamic and involved and thematically it fit much better. I know some people don’t like it but personally it’s my favourite change they ever made to the class. It was actually meant to be in Vanilla too but they didn’t get it done in time so they went with mana instead.