Classic is nerfed on beta

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If you want more PvP, you have a two other BGs that are nothing but PvP. AV is unique in that it’s a PvPvE hybrid, but I guess we should make the BGs as homogeneous as possible, because reasons.


Too bad they don’t have a 1.5 AV to throw up on the beta. I bet the stream numbers would be so high…


Looked like it was more rush-past-the-enemy-team-and-zerg-the-General oriented.
Both teams were fighting each others Generals at the same time only one hour into the battleground. One team wiped and the other won.

I only watched the one today.

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Ok, so did they have the same backlash back in vanilla? because it seems the reason why AV was changed so much was because of the users constantly having issues with it.

Like have you actually seen the amount of times AV had changed.

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This is absolutely not accurate

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I don’t necessarily disagree with this…

(Xanthak) #116

In my opinion, it’s not because players had problems with it. It’s because no one played it.


Are you telling them to get a job at blizzard and fix the problem themselves?

(Starbûck) #118

And its probably what a lot of these 1.5 fan people don’t understand, and honestly I actually would love Blizzard to release two versions for Classic, the 1.5 version and 1.12 version, and watch the effect.


Because AV is a PvP raid!
It is meant to be a mixed pve/pvp enviroment with mini bosses.

I posted this before but I’ll post again.

The whole point of npcs being strong forced your team to work together as a unit.

Original av was a blend of pve/pvp, as a tank you could play your role and round up npcs to help dps burn them down.

You used your npcs to help you push/defend like in LoL.

It added an extra layer of depth to the game, you wouldn’t just run off solo or you would get your butt whooped by npcs, you were constantly aware of who was around you.

Watching everyone in AV just run around in their own little pvp world is kinda sad.

I was excited to watch how the beta testers learnt and adapted to playing the field and coming together as a team to overcome the strong mixed pve/pvp enviroment, which happens so organically in 1.8 AV.

This is just your average retail bg where everyone runs off to do their own thing and screws around in field of strife 1v1ing each other.

Classic av was meant to be a raid battleground, highly disappointed in the direction blizzard is taking classic, especially knowingly removing npcs and mines because they decided it would be to hard for players to overcome.

(Starbûck) #120

Maybe I experienced something completely different to you, but I don’t remember any of this in Vanilla, however I play a rogue which isn’t in the main battle, my job was towers and gy harassment, from my perspective, nothing really changed.

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Oh im down for epic AV. I’d be down for 1.1-1.12 patch progression too. Oh and no dhk’s. Just get rid of those.
Pointing out that these discussions took place long ago and we’ve known for awhile that we were getting 1.12 AV=poor attitude for a consumer? Lol. What?

I’m more worried about the whales ruining it with their gold buying. Which could push blizz into tokens. No that’s not supporting tokens either. That is a genuine concern of mine.
The whales have ruined gaming and we now have mtx>engaging gameplay because of people buying gold back in the day.
How’s that for a bad attitude for a consumer?

#nomtx #tellbillyNOmtx #stopthewhaling

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Based on the patch notes, AV used to be awesome.

Now, not so much.

(Razaell) #123

That’s why we have AB, WSG, and world pvp.

AV used to be unique.


Content release isn’t the same as systems.

It’s being released in the 1.12 form, at the 1.5 Patch equivalent. So is ZG, AQ and BWL etc. None of the systems will be upgraded from a lower revision. Not MC, not ZG, not AQ, not AV.

It was a design decision to ensure a consistent patch level so that balancing is all at the same point.

(Provengreil) #125

Actually, if the pre-1.12 knowledge gap was about what was stored on client, you could pull out an old install CD set and just pull that data. There’s no shortage of people on these forums who kept theirs and would happily lend them.

TBH though, they said they were going full 1.12 with no further changes beyond what’s mandatory to make it function on modern systems, with modern architectures. That means 1.12 AV, and anyone moaning about it is barking up exactly the same tree as anyone still asking for transmog carryover.

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Yeah, we’ve had a huge thread on this since the announcement months ago.
It’s funny seeing peoples actual reaction to how bad 1.12 AV is when they see it in person with their own eyes, though.

I tried to warn people :frowning:

(Xanthak) #127

For the sake of overall authenticity, i think we need a happy medium version. But, the majority of people here don’t seem to care much for the overall experience.

(Brokenwind) #128

I can recall a grand total of 0 requests for 1.12 WoW.

(Brokenwind) #129

And Brack in fact said he wished for people to discuss what versions of vanilla elements we desired most.

and then ignored the whole lot and went with the path of least resistance… er…“clarity” for themselves.