Classic is a Blast

omg so I played classic for the first time and it was so good. Retail is still better though because I can queue for dungeons not loging in time and there is a lot more content but was Classic ever good.

I can definitely see other MMOs with good gameplay because it’s so immersive but because things like ammo and resource management aren’t targeting a mass audience it will be a niche game. Still a lot of fun and can be even better.



How about we discuss classic on the classic forums?

And also, I wish for TBC/Wrath servers :slight_smile:


It is comparing with Retail

Have you considered opening a blog?


This is general discussion, for general World of Warcraft things.

So how about we discuss it here? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the General Discussion forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of World of Warcraft with other players.

But there is a Classic section of the forums to discuss…you know, Classic things. Saying “Classic is Amazing” however is pretty low key though.

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And a General one, to discuss General things as outlined by the forum team. For reference: Welcome! Please read--


I’m aware.


I’m still playing retail just so that I can have one toon that can compete in PvP but the majority of my time will be spent playing OG WoW.

Which is also why there is a Classic General Discussion for all your Classic Discussion needs.
Does it have to do with Classic? Put it in the classic GD.
Does it have to do with Retail? Put it in retail.

If you’re going to say “well its a comparison!”, cool story bro, delete it since no one cares.


Well, there you go. See, you added on TBC/Wrath, so it basically becomes more “General.”

I honestly don’t mind some mention of Classic here, you can’t think it is that out of the ordinary.

As someone else pointed out, we see transmog threads here a lot; There is a TRANSMOG FORUM. There is going to be some spill over.

Say, does anyone Blog anymore?

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That maybe true, but there is a classic forum section to discuss all about Classic.

Otherwise, what is the point of having it there if people aren’t going to use it?

Man, honestly, the only transmog threads I have mainly seen is “Rate The Transmog” or “Roast the Transmog”. Virtually forum games. But most topics where people generally talk about transmog in generals do get put into the Transmog Subforums.

But at the rate that Classic threads are being made here in GD, you see more of those than any other thread.

You’re gonna need a time machine. Classic is not OG WoW.

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Thanks dweeb. Anyway, like I was saying, my time will be split between OG WoW and Botox WoW.

What are you talking about? I remember leveling up in Vanilla it’s the same thing!

You know with the layering, the quest helping addons, weakauras and TSM.

Ahh good times back then.

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Or at least keep it confined to one of the other dozen, or more classic threads that have already been spammed in general.

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Been playing Classic since an hour after the server opened. To go back to old Darkshore and Auberdine gave me goosebumps. The immersion so much more tangible than in retail. I know people probably sigh heavily at this, but the fact that you had to have flint and tinder and firewood in your inventory to make a cooking fire… it was a minor tedium, but it certainly helps immersion.
Another thing was going to a trainer every now and then to learn the next skill rank, and watch your toon do just a little bit better.
There were these little things that were taken away in retail for “quality of life” reasons, but the fact is that those things made the game better, and lasting longer.
WoW these days have so many QoL changes, there is barely anything left to do besides the few things ActiBlizz thinks you should do - and those aren’t always what we want.

Still… not gonna wave my finger over all of you who love Retail. I just think it was a great thing Blizz did, to give us the option. In fact, it’s the way they should have done it from the get-go. Not force you to advance into another expac by changing all the rules, but to instead open new servers that you can transer or copy a toon to when you are ready.

Classic has breathed new life into WoW for me. And yes… it does make me appreciate Retail more. But not because Classic was bad, but because it was different.