Classic Hunter Returns?


Well they had 6 Levels of Friendship back in Pre-BC…with Best Friend being Level 6…and they would get a green level up when they gained a level…like a player level up but green colored basically.

And yea, 125, 100 and 75, thank you for the correction. I was close! lol


yeah. loyalty gains and food requirements are nothing like original. hope they fix it.


The big question is…do we have Mana back?

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Yes. It’s almost exactly the same as it was in the 1.12 state, so mana is there. Their intent is to have someone from 14 years ago be able to drop into Classic and barely tell any difference. They’re fiddling with values right now (as they are with loyalty levels and feed requirement for example), but the design is exactly the same.


Man…I do not think I can heart you reply hard enough!!! o.o


Yeah focus never feels good, some of my hunter friends just quit hunter all together because mana seemed to be more for their and my needs. Also the whole pets having their unique abilities is one thing I miss a lot, blizzard giving hyenas and spiders a 40% slow just seems terrible as an example and all that devilsaur and scorpion mortal sting.

Well focus was more brain dead to me and removing deadzone helped with the brain dead and the place trap 10-30 yards with a click on an enemy also made it more brain dead.

Yep managing pet and the whole pet training system is what I miss most of all.
Its been so long since classic but didn’t pets use to run away or abandon you didn’t feed them and they kept dying constantly. I think that was a feature of classic but I am not sure sounds rpg like your master treats you horribly they lose respect and abandon you.

I am looking forward to traps functioning like traps no one can see them but rogues and they proc when people run into them.


That is a feature of the pets from Classic.

If they died, they lost happiness, if they are unhappy their loyalty will go down.

In Rank One, it would be easy for a novice to make the mistake of not feeding their pet then it will do one of two things:

Attack them or Run away from them.

I can’t wait to experience that again, because we are so used to NOT doing that thanks to blizz making it easier for those who didn’t know how to play…I’ll call it what it really is…selling out.


I lost like multiple pets because I ran out of food if memory serves.

Didn’t like blizzard selling out to those who didn’t know how to play.


Just to be contrarian, hunters original resource was actually focus before it became mana, and the idea of a dead zone somewhere in front of me where an enemy can hit me with magical pew pews but I can’t put an arrow between their eyes with my own spell is nonsensical.

But whatever, I’ll probably roll a hunter sometime in classic.


The dead zone, while being a logical absurdity, was part of the fun. It really separates skilled players from the many many many baddies in PvP. And yeah, back in the day hunter had a 90% horrible player rate…

I loved the way the class was built. The ONLY reason that I’m not rolling hunter again, is because of demand. I realize that back then, I probably only got into a high end raid guild because I signed the charter when we were all nooblets. Fewer hunters are needed and I think there will be to many hunters to compete for recruitment spots.


Well, if Classic is as remotely successful as vanilla was, like vanilla, there will be too many of everything for raiding.

But there is plenty to do besides raiding. I think looking at it from such a narrow view isn’t entirely helpful.

Technically, you don’t “need” certain classes except in certain situations anyway. Well, other than warriors, that is.


I guess the raider in me still exists after all these years, and I want to do the content again lol.

I’ll prob PvP after getting through tier 2. I don’t have the time to grind rank 13/14…


Well if enough knowledgeable players (such as yourself) come back to the game then MC will be on farm relatively quickly and it won’t take long to start getting tier 2 and farming nubs in bgs.

Well, that’s if they go with the original drop plan when tier 2 dropped in MC anyway. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until phase 3 for tier 2.


They are using 1.12 loot tables, other than items added in phases due to their correlation with other content.

So MC will just be Tier 1, and probably T2 pants from Rag. T2 helm from Ony.


No, it was Mana. I’ve been around since Pre-BC…it was NEVER focus. For pets it was though.

Well, I’m in it for the original raids, and the original classic hunter play, along with the original PVP…but I think that may be screwed with blizzard going with the version no-one wants.


Dug around on wowwiki for a bit, found this snippet in the History section of the Focus page.

“Hunters played with focus during the early stages of the development of World of Warcraft. At that point, Focus only regenerated when standing still. This distinguishing feature of hunters was dropped before launch, and the developers had hunters use Mana instead. Focus was reintroduced with the release of Cataclysm.”


Maybe in Beta, It wasn’t in Pre-BC though is what I’m saying.

Focus was a bad idea then, still a bad idea now.


I don’t disagree, and probably more like Alpha. Hunter weren’t in Beta until 0.9, believe they had mana by that point. That guy is just technically correct, which I think is what his joke was based around.

Patch 0.9 patch notes
The Hunter Class is now available to test! Hunters track, tame, and slay all manner of animals and beasts found in the wild. Whether they rely on bows or firearms, Hunters consider their weapons and pets to be their only true friends. Races allowed to become Hunters are the Night Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, and Troll.

Hunters are great for pulling monsters as they are able to set traps that hinder monsters that the Hunters pull to attack. Hunters are also able to use various beast-related special abilities, take on bestial traits that give them supernatural powers, control and tame beasts, and use a wide variety of ranged attacks complimented by a few melee abilities.

Hunters are closely related to their pets and must remember to always keep their pet’s happiness in mind. When using a pet, Hunters will notice an icon in the top left corner of their screen that depicts their pet’s happiness. The more Hunters use their pets, the lower their pet’s level of happiness will become. Hunters should always remember to feed their pets to raise their pet’s level of happiness or worry about their pet abandoning them or even attacking the Hunter! Hunters are also the only class able to name their pets.

The Hunter can use the following weapons: Axes, Daggers, Guns or Bows, Crossbows (with training), Fist Weapons (with training), Spears (with training), Staves (with training), Swords, (with training), Thrown (with training), Two-Handed Axes (with training), Two-Handed Swords (with training). The Hunter can use the following armor: Cloth, Leather, Shields, and Mail (at level 40, with training).

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To be pedantic, WoW Beta hunters used Focus in very early development. However, it only regenerated when standing still, and was eventually scrapped because of balancing issues.

WoW Vanilla, in terms of actual launch, never had Focus. It’s technically accurate to say they used it in early development, but not during Vanilla as an official retail environment.

That said, it’s a technicality. I think mana makes more sense anyway (including for modern, in which I play a hunter but would prefer mana).


The real question for me is, “Are pet attack speeds dynamic”? In the demo, they were all nerfed down to 2.0 attack speed.