Classic Hardcore Realms Now Live!

This would be nice.

Wrath, I use non OCE for population reasons from Japan. Atiesh, grobb, whitemane are, for my needs, just better.

BUt for this…I’d be fine for oce.

No no and again no

Can’t wait to see all the deaths to ddos, crashes, dcs and such


Even with an avid interest here…I will tread very lightly week 1 and 2, if I tread at all.

I have the slight edge I play wow’s graveyard shift as it were. It may be slower my time as the US is sleeping, mostly.

But even when on grobb for the wrath opening…I got qeue’d. then lagged.

Noting I am not saying it will bring in all of wraths opening days. But yeah, I see a few peeps up in here.

lol…the poor CS Ticket system is about to be put to the test. From all the deaths via griefing.

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Its gonna be the flood when blizzard says the lag spike was not them!

and you get 1000 people from several different states and ISP’s on say reddit going bs dude, it was blizzard. Oregon washington colorado and cali all felt that lag spike.

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Only streamers will be allowed appeals.


The biggest whiners among them are known flakish players anyway. I see blizzard saying request denied.

They will bail in weeks regardless. DF will get stuff, ICC drops, Oh and look new other game is out and off to new metrics they will go.

Bad timing my dude, Armored Core 6 comes out literally the next day.

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Thanks. I sure hope they do open FCT to more - preferably all - servers. Else my rooster will soon be full (I’m at 9 characters now) and I will stop playing HC if I cannot move dead toons without paying. I suppose I am not alone in this.
And in this way limiting the FCT would hasten the decline of the HC servers.

And it’s not going to matter.
They’ve already got their formatted reply ready for restoring a dead hc character that nicely shuts that down.

“We were rooting for you! But all is not lost. Please accept this free revive on a non-hc realm and continue your journey, brave adventurer!”
Or something to that effect.

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tbh. the death penalty should have simply been gamified a bit.

spirit healers being gone would still be fine. but being a ghost and having to find someone to rez you is more of a obstacle than a spirit healer. and limiting how often you can rez would incentivize not dying. like once you die, you have to be a ghost for like 3 days or something long like that.

one life is cool too. but the only thing that is gonna be a real challenge is raids. it would be nice to not have to level again once the inevitable raid wipe happens.

i also think PvP shouldve been worked around. it would be really nice to take a break from HC to Q for bg’s just to have some fun.

i also think they should add the option to turn EXP off / on. this way we dont have to worry about over leveling a character. that is important because its more fun to play the content at level. turning off EXP will allow for more open world farming, and re running content with friends. and if they worked on PvP it would make that more fun too.

all around, i think itll be a fun time. even releveling for them raid achievements. lol

If you were willing to accept that death in bgs is the same as in the open world or dungeons/raids with the same result then playing bgs would have been fine. Having death in bgs not count doesn’t seem very hardcore to me.

I may for roleplay purposes flag up in the open world in certain situations. My limited playtime is keeping me from daring to permaflag.

Other people can kill you only if you are both flagged.

Been waiting for this for a minute and looking forward to giving it a try!

One thing that may be reconsidered here is how BGs are approached. Maybe not have perma-death there? Have like a character lockout for a few days? Otherwise, you’d get one game going every year… and we probably won’t ever see a full and proper AV.



Classic doesn’t have “proper” avs either on the non HC servers.

I personally ahve not seen Ivus since bfa 15th KAV event. And i have been classic focused since 9.2 lol. they don’t summon the big boys either there really.

What a joke no oce servers again, 230+ ping is so much fun

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As intriguing as this is I have absolutely no interest in classic mode. Is there any plans or talks of plans about adding hardcore realms to current WoW?

no chance in hell you’ll find me on any hardcore character! the risk is too high and reward too low. everyone is going to die at some point and then bash their heads on keyboards, wondering why they succumbed to madness!