Classic Era: Orcs and Trolls can't zone into BRD

Mango - Arcanite Reaper, Wow Classic Era

Try it yourself, orcs and trolls in classic era are unable to zone into this dungeon, stopping MC attunements plus important item crafts like Nightfall.

How this could have been sitting for multiple days now is absolutely beyond me.

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The Dark Iron Dwarves are enganging in racial profiling!?


Makes sense. Other personality traits among them check out.

It seems I made the right choice to be a Tauren.

Now if only I could fit through the old Molten Core window portal without shrinking…


Nah, they just added the Xenophobia RP trait to Dark Irons.

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With a hotfix that is now live, player-characters who have completed the quests “Winds in the Desert”, “Lost but not Forgotten”, or “Vanquish the Betrayers” can again enter Blackrock Depths.


Thanks for the fix, can we roll back the layers a bit… 2 felt nice last week, but now we have like 6 or so and the world is dead feeling even tho the same people are on.


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Please remove all the extra unnecessary layers from Era that were implemented Tuesday.

Surely those were intended for Hardcore.

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I’m not sure if this was just a tongue and cheek of way of saying the bug has been fixed for orcs and trolls or literally the cause of the bug. If it really is the cause, I desperately want to know how those quests gained flags to prevent entering BRD.

I’ve been waiting because I want to know as well :eyes: