Classic enjoyer asks to please address GDKPs

Blizzard, can you please do something about GDKPs? They are ruining WOTLK and even Classic era now.

When you ultimately do FRESH era or Classic + can you please address GDKPs by banning them?

They are ruining your game. They are ruining Classic wow. Just ban them completely.


How have GDKPs personally affected you?

We had GDKP ToGC runs in Wrath, so…no?

Listen, GDKPs on a FRESH won’t be as prevalent. GDKPs are the only answer to a 4 year old server for the following reason: There are a HUGE portion of the population that are full bis. What would they raid for, they don’t need anything? - They need gold to play the game, while the other portion of the population needs gear to catch up. There is NO incentive to raid as full bis besides making gold, so that’s the only reason it’s popping off on Vanilla. Let me reiterate, on a fresh server for Vanilla, GDKP will not be as prevalent. It’s JUST because we have half the pop as full bis and half the pop as wanting full bis. We need fresh, not a 4 year old server Blizzard is milking for more free cash


GDKP is fine as long as we are talking in conjunction with a gold cap.

1k per character, 5k per realm.


6 months ago Era was low pop, I know this because I was playing it. Wedid not have massive inflation or any of this nonsense until blizzard allowed SoM transfers.

I find it ironic provided SoM was basically dead and Era was just OK, but the wackadoodle problem are the bots that are employed by the RMT coiners who literally buy all their gear RMT style via gold. These players came from both Wrath and SOM (two dead games), and made there way back here leveling new characters or transferring their SOM characters.

In before the idiots say gold dkp doesn’t influence gold RMT or direct transaction.

I wouldn’t mind gold DKP if gold buying earned a perma ban, truthfully we don’t want those non-players anyway because they don’t actually help the community and the only thing they do is scuttle the game economy that no joke 6 months back was as good as a “FRESH” realm.

The problem is 100% gold buying, and Gold DKP incentives gold buying bid time.

Example a player Styles and I met 2 months back told us he saw gressil go for 120K gold in a gold DKP, and at that time the US Dollar value there was ~$3650.00.

Its also very well known that GOLD DKP runs also just straight up sell in USD / Euro to cut out the go,d farmers premium, and this is easy to do because they just conduct business on discord instead of blizzard chat.


It’s bots. GDKPs have hardly any affect on you if you’re not playing in them. The bots plaguing the game taking advantage of the RMT is the real issue since that affects a majority of the players.

It’s impossible to police RMT completely. Players could paypal direct for raid spots and loot prios. Bots on the otherhand, are a solvable problem.

Bots only exist to supply GDKPs and they are often operated by the GDKP organizers.

GDKPs are a literal cancer on the game.


Have you done progression raiding before?

Spotted the Libertarian (via the massive blind spot for unintended consequences).

He’s not wrong… Bots exist to supply the buyers.

Without buyers there are no botters selling,

The buyers exist because they can buy in gold DKP.


Weird how those bots existed well before GDKP’s became popular…

On era?? No, we did not have any bots pre-SoM transfers / Wrath players exodus. Also we did not have Gold DKP like this… They all turned up at the same time.

Permaban gold buyers. Everything else is a symptom.


My thoughts on GDKP:

GDKP itself is fine, and probably an upgrade from DKP. The reason for this is that it allows you to accumulate progress in the form of gold, which is bound to you no matter if you transfer servers or change guilds. This means you have more freedom and are not locked into a guild in order to keep your “progress”.

The problem with GDKP is that when you introduce botters and gold buying, everything I said in the above paragraph is now moot, because you will always be outbid by the gold buyer and your hard work will be undermined by the gold buyers who didn’t have to do anything in-game to gain their “progress”. Essentially GDKP becomes a pay-to-win concept with the introduction of gold buying with real money.

Blizzard needs to crack down on botters and gold selling/buying because it is hurting the legitimacy of their game. Classic WoW is a pay-to-win game so long as GDKP is in use.



IF Blizzard cracked down on gold buyers with perma-ban entire Battlnet accounts… Then IMO Gold DKP could be good.

He is wrong. RMT happens outside of GDKP just as much as it happens in them. If you don’t think top players don’t spend real money to get those high end BoEs and keep up with top end consumes you may not have experienced progression/high end raiding.

so yeah permaban gold buyers



It’s Sunday? I thought it was Wednesday today.

While it does indeed take place also outside of gold dkp, the gold dkp makes it way worse.

Thing is tho, the problem is gold buyers, they need to be forever banned.