Classic dying...yup


And what is their to look forward to in BFA? Doing the same raid day in and day out. Im not raiding in classic. However in BFA I was pretty intense and literally all I did was raid. Raided 5 days a week on 3 different toons all mythic. It gets really tiring after a while.


/e eats popcorn

ahhh yes lets feed the trolls.


Please actually READ the post before you reply. I mean come on. Use common sense.


Not sure why you are confused about a post supporting your OP; people will always claim WoW is dying despite the facts.


No troll. Was just a social experiment. Sadly most failed


experiments dont fail. Your get results and you had an initial conclusion you wanted. That is your failure and not the failure of the experiment.

An experiment allows you to gather data and prove your hypothesis. If you didnt get the conclusion you were looking for doesnt mean its a failure but instead shows you true data and that your hypothesis was incorrect to your belief.

So what really happened knowing nothing about what you were trying to show. The Hypothesis for the conclusion on this experiment was different than expected.


No, your PC sucks.

You should have zero lag.


I might of misunderstood your post. If i did i apologize.